Anne Toth


Kabbalist, Astrologer, Broadcaster, Teacher, Dear Friend, Mom, Aunt and Grandmother.

The angels are lifting her up;  she knows them all by name.

A wise woman has left us today.
A hearty cheer of victory and gratitude calls out to
Anne Toth as she travels on to greater horizons.

She devoted her life to learning about life and love
She studied palmistry first, then tarot and astrology and finally Kaballah.

What she studied she learned well.
What she learned she taught to others.

Anne lectured extensively in Canada and the United States for over thirty years,
Like a river on its way to the ocean she accumulated wisdom.

It culminated in her study of the Kaballah.

From Foundation to Crown she touched the souls and opened the hearts of those who listened.
As she got deeper and deeper into Kaballah Anne converted to Judaism to go deeper into her studies.

Thank-you kind teacher.
Thank-you noble heart.
Thank-you dear friend.
Thank-you mom
Thank you.


Anne Toth was beloved mother of Austin Toth (Leah), Kalman Daniel Toth (Jamie), Matthew Toth (Emily Muir) and Elizabeth Toth (Calvin Porter).  She was predeceased by her husband Kalman Toth in 1999. She was grandmother to Julianna, Joshua and Eden Belle.

Anne was the last of the 4 sisters - being predeceased by her sisters Patricia, Evelyn and Mary, and by her father Austin and her mother Anne Marie.  She leaves behind three brothers Reggie, David and Michael.


Anne was much loved by her many friends. The family wishes to express their thanks to the many people who prayed, drove, sang, gathered, donated, held a hand, dropped off food, called daily to check on her, provided care for her at home and at Hospice, fixed various things at her house and were really there, really present for her during her long dance with cancer.  Your kindness and heartfelt generosity were much appreciated. 

A special thanks to her niece Cindy Ciccale, and to her very best friend Belinda.


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My thanks to Robin Armstrong for writing the best part of this tribute for me......
and for the chunk of carob you snuck  to me at the astrology conference (i think i was 11)


By Tamar Frieden

I was blessed meetinghaving met Anne in 1987 in Buffalo ,Ny she was my first and only Kabbalah teacher, she was my friend my mentor my admiraton for Anne is endless my life was touched by an angel when i met Anne she was always a pillar of strength courage andone for great laughter. Her picture is on my fridge from our getaway to Gurneys. Anne Miriam and belinda , We shared so many great memories and so manygreat laughs, when iheard the news of Anne going on to heaven I was at the beach listening ot the waves the tears were rolling down my cheeks and I heard Annes laugh as the waves were rolling in to shore. Anne you are a gem that will always shine no matter where your spirit may be
I love you and thank you for all you have givento me my in my life . shalom Salaam peace from the city of magic Jerusaelm
Tammy, Tamar Frieden



Posted from Annie B in Vancouver BC....

Anne Shirley Toth belonged to the GWC - Great Women's Club.
I met Anne years ago in the astrology world. It took a few years for me to find out she was also an accomplished Kabballist and psychic.
One time in Montreal I sat with her for a psychic session - she predicted very accurately the love of my life and we have now been together 20 years.
I am also an Anne, and Anne and I laughed long and heartily about life, love, family and anything that was our focus at any particular time.

Years ago I had a very special stay with her and her family in Fort Erie.
I was a guest on her radio show. She was such a great radio personality!

If you met Anne, you would not forget the meeting. She was always and is now, more than ever, the great spirit, fancy and free, causing the same stir in the spirit world that she caused here on Earth. I for one, will miss her presence and I look forward to meeting up with her again, on the other side or here, in another body.

Have fun dear souls sister and keep sharing all that love that you have for everyone

 By Marjorie Augustine - Pittsburgh

Anne- Sister, friend, teacher and inspiration. My love for you abounds and I know you wait to guide each of us from heaven as you did on earth !!


Dear Annie

I know that you are out there, laughing that wonderful laugh, because I hear you.
Thank you for letting me know that you are O.K.
Still, it does not make me pine for you any less here on the earth plane.

Our friendship survived the best and the worst of our lives.
Through thick and thin, adventure and mishap, you enjoyed life to the fullest no matter what.

Remember all the great times?
Remember the late dinners after the show with Matt and Lizzy? Remember the ashrams in Toronto, and our infamous Toronto "Sake" adventure? The early days at the Tea Room, when Matthew was so small he would walk under the table?
I miss all of that.

I know that you are doing incredible things now, and our adventures in gardening, shopping trips, weekends in Lily Dale are in your past. They are fresh wounds for me, tearing the echoes of out friendship

I know that you said that I should not, but I grieve your passing. I miss you, your warmth, knowledge, spiritual essence. I miss the laughter the most. What a wonderful roller-coaster ride life was for you and for me, as you allowed me to tag along.

When ever I think of you now, a song, your favorite song comes to mind, and we are sitting by the river in the sun.

Remember it?

We’ll sing in the sunshine
We’ll laugh every day.
We’ll sing in the sunshine,
Then I’ll be on my way.





when i think of your mom, my auntie anne...i think of family reunions, lots of food, getting my tealeaves read....
of being taken to this farout astrologers convention/party in Toronto as a kid....of dancing with fun Sufi folk...of travelling to Lily Dale hearing about other people who were floating by...
of her hearty lioness laugh that shook the house and warmed my heart when she looked at me with her sparky eyes...
She was I believe the one in our family who gave you pause to think, to delve a little deeper into what you supposed was true, to pry open that mind of yours and never to stray far from your beating heart.
I hope the sisters are giggling together once again.

with love



Posted by Michael Cogill (nephew) on 12/5/2007 12:14:30 AM

I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of your Mother.
She made everyone's life brighter and opened more than a few minds.
I hope that death is the great liberation



By With all my heart Jim Coughlin

I have loved you from the first time I saw you. I will never forget how our eyes met and our hearts open and we were friends. You adored my partner Dave and said he was a special man...he thought you were a speical woman! Now both you and he are going, but not a day goes by when I don't think about you and talk to you. People loved you Anne Shirley because you loved them! oxoxox


I remeber being a mentor to her when she attended Fellowships. It was different being a mentor to a teacher with her years of experience and yet she took her 'role' as student seriously. She was a mavelous example of being a student of life and living life. Her Spirit even as I write this is, I feel in my heart along with the wings of the Angels. Thank you Anne for touching my life. As you move forward in this new life, may you and our memories of you continue to touch those of us on this plane. Until we meet again, Namaste, with love, honor and respect to you.
Camille (FOTS 93-95)


I met Anne in 1979 at the Pinedale Tearoom ... I was in my late teens & a voracious reader of all things metaphysical ... I feel she was my 1st answer to a Teacher appearing as the student (me!) was ready. We instantly bonded as fellow Leo's! She taught me so much - about astrology (back in the day when charts were cast by hand), tarot, meditation. She taught me a simple practice of shielding your vehicle with white protective light before each journey that I have always remembered. When I moved from the Niagara area over 30 years ago I gave her my Siamese cat, Simon & knew that feline friend was indeed blessed to end up in her home! I lost contact with Anne, but did phone her once about 10 years ago for a brief chat - I let her know that I had indeed given birth to a Leo son just as she had predicted. I think she would be proud of one of her youngest students in that I am now a teacher and healer too. Bless you Anne - you touched many lives with your generous Spirit.



By Lisa Elliott

I remember meeting Anne for the first time in February 2002. Still grieving over my dear friend/mother/sister Lillian Ruffin. I attended a weekend session at Lily Dale hosted by Alumni.

During the group healing session, Anne whispered in my ear, "God knows your name, Lisa." A warm sensation came all over me. I can't begin to explain the impact those simple words whispered in my ear had on me.

Now, during healing sessions, I whisper the same to those who need reminding.

God Knows Your Name.


By Neal Rzepkowski, M.D.

To Anne, The smiling joy spirit who loved to sing and dance and praise the good in others. Always open to learn more and share her wisdom, Anne was a shining example of how to joyously follow the Spiritual Path on earth. By following that path to the continuance in the heavens, she has become a beacon light to us who knew her. Namaste, Neal

I met Anne in Buffalo in 1986. We studied Hebrew together with Toby and danced and sang together at my home led by our wonderful teacher Miriam. Anne became my Kabbalah teacher, and I studied with her for the next twenty years. I learned from The Best,and it was such an honor. We climbed the tree together, worked the paths together and chanted the God names together. Along the way I also learned astrology. You couldn't help but pick it up with Anne. Anne and I became fast and true friends. We traveled to England and Mexico and had such fun adventures. Mentor, beloved friend and Star Sister, I miss you terribly. May you fly underneath the wings of Shekinah in joy and peace. Baruch Hasem.


My sweetheart, Dominic and I had the incredible privilege of spending three days with Anne as guests in her home October 2005. We were there for her insights and astrological prowess regarding our relationship and intended marriage.

We found her to be a real "love." Serious but not too! She was so much fun and filled with wisdom. Nothing new for those of you who have interacted with Anne but remember, Dominic was coming in without any information but my resonance and regard for her.

We had been blessed with unmistaken acumen and sensitivity during our visit with Anne. She was filled with graciousness, fun and perspicacity. We left there feeling relieved and informed knowing our interaction with one another entailed just that, our inter acting with one another.

We were to look her up in a year, meet with her and at that time be told the ideal time for our nuptials to take place.

When the time came and we contacted her it was then we found she'd begun the journey which consumed her till her death. There was no way we could articulate our need when she, herself was in such need.

Like many of you, we prayed, donated, sent our expression of healing in many ways to buoy her spirits. She was an incredible gift in so many ways. We are grateful for the time and space she shared with us knowing it was bashert (Yiddish for fated or predestined).

Years later we have experienced much togetherness as well as separateness. We often refer to of our time with Anne wondering what she "saw" and what she might have said. It is our sense that she helped us become better acquainted, potentially better partners and forever touched by her skill and kindnesses. Pure love!

Thank you, Anne.

With much love,

Kathleen Hart
PS I still have the note she affixed to the back door welcoming us as she had stepped out. We all laughed as she'd made a faux pas and never caught it.


In Memory of Anne Toth
By Wendy Guy

Anne Toth has been a very special friend to me. The first time I remember meeting her in 1986, she generously came to my support when I was suddenly caught in an embarrassing emotional struggle—and she didn't even know me!

She seemed to always see and encourage the best in me, as I think she did with most everyone. When she saw my work as the editor of Astrology Toronto's newsletter, she strongly urged me to start my own magazine. With her faith in me beneath my wings, I published Transitions magazine in the mid-1990s. Her support continued after I launched this website in 2004, seeding it initially with articles from Transitions. Although there are many people over the years I can thank for my ability to do these projects, Anne's ongoing encouragement stands out as a primary force that helped me keep the faith.

I have learned so much about astrology, life, love and the human spirit from Anne, through her readings, lectures, workshops and her friendship. Her presence, her hearty laughter and her wisdom were larger than life and as warm as her Leo Sun. Often it was the little things she said that would suddenly open my mind to new vistas of understanding and possibilities.

Her generous spirit was a bright light, and I have been just one of many moths fluttering around her, wanting to learn more from her.
I will miss her deeply.


Posted by Dixie Hansen (friend)

An abundance of joy and laughter....Anne's Spirit will always continue to fill every space where she will be with immense goodness and love....A dear loving friend who touched my heart, inspired through example, taught by being herself and gave of her knowlege freely to so many. Her gifts were boundless. Her greatest gift was herself. My love to her children and family members. Dixie


Posted by Dixon Wininger (Friend)

Anne, I only knew you briefly, but you touched my heart and my spirit. Your love was one of the truest Iv'e ever known. I will miss you deeply, but your message will live on in all of the people you touched in such a wonderful way. Love, your friend Dixon


 By Betty O'Hara ( Roseville, CA )

I always remember a tape she did on the "lusty" side of Capricorn......excellent ! But, I never heard all of the second half :-(


By Michael R I had the privledge to meet her a few times in the late '80s and always cherish and value her guidance.

By Jeff Jawer

I only had a chance to see Anne at occasional conferences and have so specific event to share, but the feeling of Anne is still strong at least a decade after I last saw her. I have rarely encountered such emotional intelligence, a sense of knowing that she had that was both deep and simple at the same time. Her mind was delicious, her smile sly with wisdom and warm with caring. It was a great gift to know her.


I have had a few busy years myself and lost a husband and ... today a client from Ontario e mailed me and I looked up Anne to give him her telephone Number.

THE WORLD has lost a great talent and a wonderful woman. I met her 20 years ago and she inspired my interest in astrology and i still listen to the tapes of hers which were always my favorite at conferences.

I am so terribly sorry that she is gone and know she is for sure doing her "THING" in heaven and will be back soon cause we surely do need her..

Namaste Carol Barbeau




Born:      Aug 3, 1940

Passed:  Nov 30, 2007 Ridgeway, Ontario




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