Suggested by Hammond Guthrie, Gavin Arthur was a San Francisco astrologer and Gay Liberation fore-leader. He was asked by the Oracle staff to select the chart for the first Human-Be-In, thereby determining the date for that historic event. He helped Kinsey with his research into gay sexuality and wrote the now out of print Circle of Sex, which catalogued sexual preferences by sign.

Grandson and namesake of US President Chester Alan Arthur, he was Alan Watts' father in law. An adventurous soul, he worked his way around the world as a merchant seaman. The gay community abounds with lore about his life, and he was allegedly associated from his youth with a variety of eminent or notorious folk in ways we are far too discrete to mention here. (If you are diligent in your research, you may find more information on his life by entering his name on a search engine and by following the links here and here.)

You will also find a tribute page for him on the Summer of Love website, which provided this photograph:

Arthur's extensive obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle of April 30, 1972, notes that in his travels he fought for the Irish Liberation movement, founded a literary magazine, prospected for gold, taught in San Quentin prison, was secretary of the Utopian Society, and led a commune.

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank cites the following, rated A, from him to Edwin Steinbrecher. He was born March 21, 1901, at 9:50 AM MST, in Colorado Springs, CO, 104W49; 38N50.

Astrological historian Ed Dearborn forwarded a copy of the obituary printed in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, April 30, 1972, which notes, "Gavin Chester Arthur, the colorful maverick grandson of President Chester A. Arthur and one of the nation's best-known astrologers died yesterday at Fort Miley Veterans Hospital. He was 71."

As befits a quinessential Uranian type, this memorial was created as Uranus approached his 23 degree Aquarius Midheaven, shortly before the Centennial of his birth. At least some of the rumors about his love life may be true, given his exceedingly Mutable t-square of Venus at 20 Pisces in the tenth house, Uranus on his Descendant at nearly 17 Sagittarius, and Pluto at 15 Gemini conjunct his 17 degree Gemini Ascendant. His Moon was in Aries, squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn but closely trining Uranus, showing both his notable family ties and how his life style differed from theirs.

It is interesting to note that one of the things that made his reputation was predicting Kennedy's assassination under the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and Arthur himself had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in the eighth house.

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CREDITS: Biographical information for this memorial came from AstroDatabank, Ed Dearborn, and Hammond Guthrie. The marvelous photo came from the Summer of Love website. This memorial was created by Donna Cunningham.