(1931 -- 2012)

Jeanne Avery (aka Betty Henesy) became a professional astrologer in 1967 after a successful acting career. Nine years later she was writing a daily astrology column for Fields Newspaper Syndication; it appeared in more than 100 newspapers from 1976-1985. Her first book, THE RISING SIGN: YOUR ASTROLOGICAL MASK was published by Doubleday in 1982 and met with tremendous success, going on to be translated into many languages in multiple editions worldwide. Five additional books followed, three of which drew upon Avery's extensive experience with past life regression therapy, another field in which she was considered a leader: ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS; ASTROLOGY AND YOUR HEALTH; ASTROLOGY AND YOUR PAST LIVES; PAST LIVES, PRESENT LOVES; and A SOUL’S JOURNEY: EMPOWERING THE PRESENT THROUGH PAST LIFE REGRESSION.

Avery was praised throughout her career for her ability to make abstract, complex subjects both accessible and illuminating, and she was a popular speaker and workshop leader at therapeutic, business, and astrological conventions, including numerous annual meetings of the American Federation of Astrologers, of which she was a longtime member. Avery was also a board member of the National Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and was listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East, and Who's Who for Women.

Avery adamantly asserted that astrology does not function as a crystal ball, and her focus as a humanistic astrologer was on helping people become more self-aware and self-motivated. " Astrology is like a road map," she frequently said. " It helps us to upgrade the quality of our choices. You can choose to take the superhighway to your destination or you can choose to take the back roads. Either way, you're the one to make the choices. An understanding of astrology gives us more control over our lives, not less."

~written by Long-time Editor.

Early Life:

~ by daughter, Diane Henesy-Erdman

Mother was born in Pinehurst, Georgia in 1931. During the depression her Mother, wanting the best for her, sent her to Washington DC to live with a close friend Corabell (my titular Grannie). And her husband (my 'Papa') and Sada, Grannies' spinster sister (my Aunt Sada)--who loved and cared for her and spoiled her rotten. She was educated in Washington, went to college at George Washington University. In high school she studied piano in which she excelled. There was always music in our home....we came along beginning in 1950, then 1951 and 1956.

Mother modeled in NYC and did many tv commercials etc in her twenties and thirties before her best known career as an astrologer.

~from her friend and colleague, Anne Beversdorf
All her beloved doggies were well placed in new homes (including one in mine). She had been in declining health for close to a year and diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. She was complete and chose pneumonia before the cancer treatments started.

You may visit Jeanne's website: www.jeanneavery.com


Source: Jeanne Avery


Oct- 24- 1931; 11:00 PM ; Pinehurst, GA (Time directly from Jeanne.)


Death Feb- 10- 2012 ; Time unknown--between 3:30 pm (daughter felt it) and 10:30 pm (hospital time) in Georgetown, TX


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