Doris Chase Doane  set the foundations of astrological accuracy with her Times Changes for the USA (1966), and Time Changes for Canada and Mexico (1968).  She left behind over 30 books ranging from Horoscopes of the US Presidents (1952) to Life’s Astrological Assistance (2004),  and many, many articles related to astrology and the Brotherhood of Light teachings.

Born in Mansfield, MA, she had a bright childhood, shaped by her family, fondness for the written word, and natural surroundings.
  She graduated from Mansfield High School in 1931, and graduated from the Wilfred Beauty Academy in 1932.  She entered nurse’s training, married a “Mr.” Andrews (first name not known),  and divorced him in 1938.   She headed west to LA to pursue opportunities for personal growth, and in 1939 she began working  in the astrological and metaphysical library of the Philosophical Research Society under the guidance of Manly Palmer Hall.

After a year of involvement with the Church of Light in 1941, she began working there.She became a Hermetician through this organization, after 4 years of study.  In 1943, she attended UCLA and majored in psychology and sociology, discovering her facility with writing. She also met the love of her life, Edward Doane, whom she married in 1944.  She and her husband, 20 years her senior, worked at the Church of Light Headquarters, providing service through teaching, research, grading papers,  processing orders, and overseeing printing production.  Their support at the Headquarters allowed Elbert Benjamine (CCZain) the freedom to tour the country in the post-war II promotion of Brotherhood of Light teachings.  

While touring, Benjamine received a message from the Inner Plane Brotherhood, that said:  “It is the life work of Doris Chase Doane to present to the general public, in popular and entertaining style, the outstanding teachings set forth in Brotherhood of Light lessons through many periodicals,  and thus get publicity for the Church of Light, and see to it that a wide public understands it principal teachings.”   When Elbert shared this message with her, she took her life’s mission on with clarity and focus.  When Elbert passed away 3 months later, he was confident that he was leaving his beloved Church in good hands.

Doris’s husband, Ed Doane, had been chosen to be Elbert’s successor.  They moved into the Benjamine home and took over the administration of the Church, with Ed as president and Doris as secretary until 1969.  Doris returned to serve on the Board of Directors of the Church of Light again in August, 1998.

After Ed Doane’s death in 1970, Doris focused  her attention on the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA). A life member of this organization in 1966, in 1969 she was elected to the Board of Directors.  She became president of the AFA in 1979 and served in this capacity until 2004. 

She met her third husband through her involvement with AFA.
  She married John Lawson Ahern in 1972.  They moved to San Francisco and founded the Astrological Faculty which trained numerous astrological students in the Hermetic system. Provided with economic stability and emotional support by John Ahern,  she was able to focus her efforts on her mission of popularizing Hermetic Astrology.  Over the 25 years of this marriage, she completed 20 books, accomplishing her mission of bringing Hermetic teachings and training to a wide audience. 

She continued to write articles until 2004 when her failing health  required that she move to a nursing home.  John died on Christmas Eve, 2004.  At the age of 92, a few months later, in the early morning hours of June 5, 2005,  while receiving emergency care at Methodist Hospital in Sacramento, CA, Doris Chase Doane passed from this world after a two-year battle with heart disease.  As she requested, in the Hermetic tradition, no service was held and announcement of her passing was delayed.  The following week, her remains were committed to rest off the coast of Marin County, CA.  


Born:  April 4, 1913  1:57 AM  Mansfield, MA  (AA Rating; Lois Rodden's Profiles of Women, page 27, quotes data from her in an interview with LMR.  Also listed in Church of Light course book #17, Cosmic Alchemy, pg. 80.)

  Christopher Gibson, who was for many years Doris’ Power of Attorney and her executor, clarified that the death certificate states “06/05/2005  1:10 AM  in Sacramento, CA”.  

Details for this memorial come from Christopher Gibson’s  article on Doris Chase Doane,  Winter 2005-06 Vol, 81, No. 1 Church of Light Quarterly, with permission.

An annotated bibliography (
from Arlene DeAngelus) of some of  Doris Chase Doane’s work includes: 

Astrology: 30 Years Research (1956)
Results of extensive research on astrological indicators, natal and progresses.

Accurate World Horoscopes  (1984)
Charts for the UN, 173 countries and territories with cosmodynes and aspects.

Astrology as a Business  (1986)
Complete information on what to do and avoid in establishing an astrological business practice.

Blending Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot  (1997)
Tarot card reading, including keywords for each card.

Astrology’s Wide Influence
A variety of topics, including love, and marriage, planetary cycles, ESP, planets in signs and more.

Contest Charts  (1986)
Methods to determine the winner in prize fights, tennis, races, sports, elections, etc.

How Astrology Can Help You (2000)
Shows how astrology can be used to attract usefulness, happiness and spirituality.

How to Read Cosmodynes (1974)
A primer to determine the harmony or discord of planets, signs, houses in any horoscope. Examples.

Profit by Electional Astrology  (1990)
Choose the best time for all those important, life-changing events. Chart examples.


Vocational Selection and Counseling Vol. 1 & 2  (1982)

Helps determine career direction (even astrological counseling) using the natal chart.

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BOOKS: Doris Chase Doane's books can be purchased from American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

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