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Mary Downing, an astrologer and author who lived and practiced in Southern Maryland, died on March 9, 2005 from cancer. She was 67. Mary's approach to astrology was its use as a practical tool in the proper timing of events both personal and financial.

Mary practiced astrology for over 40 years and was a featured lecturer at many conferences. She lectured on such topics as cosmobiology techniques, business and employee compatibility and mundane events. She was a member of AFA, AFAN, ISBA and NCGR.

Mary worked on the NCGR Board for more than twenty years. She served two separate terms as NCGR Executive Secretary from 1981-1990 and from 1994-1998. She also served as a Director of NCGR from 1990-1994 and from 1998-2001 and oversaw Public Relations and Publications.

Mary was a gifted graphic artist and for years she used this talent as Production Editor of the NCGR Journal and other NCGR publications. She has been credited with their high-quality. In addition to her NCGR involvement, Mary served a number of terms on the AFAN Steering Committee, was a Co-Editor and Designer of their newsletter and served in a variety of capacities for UAC. She was the only astrologer to receive both the NCGR Sisyphus Award for Dedicated Services and the AFAN Jim Lewis Community Service Award.

Mary authored one book and her articles appeared regularly in the NCGR Journal, Geocosmic and Aspects. On StarIQ’s website, Mary stated that Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin was her favorite astrology book. She further said, “Everybody should buy one early on and wear out at least six copies.”

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: , Mary stated her birth data on StarIQ: January 28, 1938, 08:03 PM in St. Louis, Missouri. She died of cancer at the age of 67 on March 9, 2005 at 10:40 PM in Owings, Maryland.

BOOKS: Mary authored one book and co-authored another. They may be found on the Internet through a Google search using "books "Mary Downing"." They are:
Financial Astrology published by Llewellyn New World Astrology Series
The Essentials of Intermediate Astrology published by NCGR Publications

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