Members of the illustrious Ebertin family--Elsbeth, Reinhold, and Baldur--have been a major force in both German and international astrology since the early years of the Twentieth Century. This page will pay tribute to their contributions.

ELSBETH EBERTIN, mother of Reinhold and grandmother of Baldur was a professional astrologer, graphologist, author, editor of the astrological magazine 'Blick in die Zukunft' (1917-38), and a data collector. Her special interests included prognosis, mundane astrology, fixed stars, psychological astrology, partnership astrology. Books include: Bedeutung der Fixsterne', 'Royal Nativities', 'Astrologie und Liebesleben'

Lois Rodden's collection included this photo of Elsbeth on the cover of Reinhold's magazine KosmoBiologie on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The AstrodataBank record rates her data as A, from the CL file and also from Wangemann to Joseph. She was born May 14, 1880, at 6:22 AM LMT in Goerlitz, Germany, 51N09; 14E59. Her bio at Taeger Research web site, a large and meticulous collection of data about German astrologers of the past and present, says she died in a bomb attack on November 28, 1944.

Reinhold Ebertin

REINHOLD EBERTIN was initially a student of the Witte system but rejected the Transneptunian factors. He researched and developed a streamlined version, focused on the midpoints, which he named Cosmobiology.

As he taught this system around the world and wrote more than 60 books, it gained a wider acceptance, especially in Europe. Six of his books, published in English by the AFA, are available through AstroAmerica. The best known is his Combination of Stellar Influences.

Today Reinhold's son, DR. BALDUR EBERTIN, carries on the tradition of excellence in astrology established by Elsbeth and Reinhold. He is a psychologist, philosopher, esoteric, alternative healer, reincarnation-therapist, psychoanalyist, astrologer, and author. (Click here to visit Baldur Ebertin's webpage and learn of his work.

BIRTH AND DEATH INFORMATION: Reinhold's AstrodataBank record rates his birth information as A, from his own chart printed in Mercury Hour 1/87. He was born Februry 16, 1901, at 4:45 AM MET, in Goerlitz, Germany, 51BN09; 14E59. He died March 14, 1988.

See his chart, European style


Hamish Saunders of New Zealand says,

"One of the firmest advocates for a scientific approach to astrology was Reinhold Ebertin. An innovator in astrology, Ebertin was a student of another 20th century pioneer, Alfred Witte. Both men revolutionised astrology by throwing out many of the time-honoured techniques of traditional astrology and concentrating on planetary and angular relationships. Parker described Ebertin as the reformer of astrology stating that “he threw overboard many additions of the Middle Ages, limited the orbs of the aspects, and concentrated the interpretation on significant points which appeared to repeat themselves”.

Ebertin didn’t chuck everything out. He stripped astrology down to its undisputed factors: these being the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Mercury and all the planets through to Pluto. He did jettison house systems, minimise the use of soft aspects and emphasise the importance of midpoints. He further emphasised the need to consider the native’s environment, education, medical and psychological backgrounds and hereditary in astrological judgement. He held that the two concepts of ‘Cosmos’ (the heavens) and ‘Bios’ (the body) were the basis of astrology. The word, ‘Cosmobiology’ was first coined in 1914 by the medical scientist, Feerhow, and adopted by Ebertin and his associates in the 1920s.

In his Combination of Stellar Influences’ Ebertin describes cosmobiology as:

"a scientific discipline concerned with the possible correlations between cosmos and organic life and the effects of cosmic rhythms and stellar motion on man, with all his potentials and dispositions, his character, and the possible turns of fate..cosmobiology utilizes modern methods of scientific research, such as statistics, analysis and computer programming. It is of prime importance, however, in view of the scientific effort expended, not to overlook the macrocosmic and microcosmic interrelations incapable of measurement."

A German language biography of Reinhold Ebertin, published at the Centennial of his birth appears on Baldur Ebertin's webpage.

You can also see an article in English on-line about Ebertin and Cosmobiology, by Veronica Chlap

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CREDITS: This memorial and the background were created by Donna Cunningham. The photo of Reinhold Ebertin came from his son's web page.