Gavin Kent McClung wrote the following in his article, "A SALUTE TO OUR HERITAGE: What Makes A True Astrologer?" Dell Horoscope, June, 2000, pp. 66-77. (Reprinted with permission of the editor.)

"CYRIL FAGAN was a giant of twentieth-century sidereal astrology, who stands out in the area of what might well be called "forensic [argumentative discourse] astrology." A protracted debate followed upon his placing the ayanamsa (specific arc of variance between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs) of siderealism on the basis of the heliacal rising of all the planets in their degrees of exaltation in the year 786 BC.

"Given the current widespread interest in Eastern astrologies and the ayanamsa, the position established by Fagan and others in his train, e.g., Donald Bradley and Brigidier Firebrace, has vastly influenced not only today's sidereal view, but the entire field of astrology. His studies stimulated later astrologers in the area of quantitative analysis and research--including the development of harmonics and the greater framework of thought that allows us to consider the possible existence of several varied zodiacs in astrology, based upon different points of departure in the sky.

"Amazingly, Fagan spent about twenty-five years doing creative work in tropical or traditional Western astrology before turning his attention to the tenets of siderealism. His book, Primer of Sidereal Astrology, is a core resource in that specialized field."

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank gives the following set of data, rated AA, from the birth record. He was born on May 22, 1896, in Dublin, Ireland. A.H. Blackwell, a fellow siderealist, quoted Fagan for a recorded birthtime of 12:00 PM Dunsink local time, which equates to 12:25 PM GMT. AFA quotes Fagan's mother for 11:45 AM, LMT. Circle no. 518 gives 12:14 PM GMT from AA.

Joseph quotes Ebertin for 00:28 AM GMT. Sirex gives Fagan's own rectification for 11:47:17 AM Dunsink local time, which is 12:12 PM U.T. Brigadier Firebrace, his co-author, quotes Fagan for 12:14:28 PM GMT.

WARNING: This is what happens when you are in astrology too long and know too many techniques--or too many siderealists! The history of your birth gets to be longer than the history of your life.

Fagan died on January 5, 1970 at 5:00 AM in Tucson, AZ.

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Fagan was a researcher and historian who wrote prolifically for the magazines of his time. His Solunars feature, based in sidereal astrology, was published regularly by the Clancys in American Astrology from 1954-1970.

His books included Astrological Origins, Zodiacs Old and New, The Fixed Zodiac Ephemeris, and A Primer of the Sidereal Zodiac, which he coauthored with Brigadeer R.C. Firebrace. Some of those are available at AstroAmerica.

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