Françoise Schneider-Gauquelin

1929 - 2007

Michel and Françoise Gauquelin

Françoise Schneider-Gauquelin   

(born Marie Schneider)

Swiss astrologer and statistician, born in French-speaking Switzerland. She attended the University of Paris, where she received a degree in statistics. In Paris she met and married Michel Gauquelin. While still in school, the two began to collect birth dates of large groups of people to determine if there was any relationship between the positions of the planets in the solar system and such factors as a person's choice of profession.

In their search for correlations they concentrated on outstanding professionals—sports champions, army officers, scientists, and so on. One of the first patterns they found was the presence of the planet Mars at either the horizon or the mid-heaven (two significant positions in the birth chart) at the time of birth. The frequency of these occurrences far exceeded any normal distribution due to chance alone and gave rise to the name "Mars effect" denoting a significant correlation between the position of the planets and professional achievement. Writers, for example, had a significantly positioned Moon, and scientists a significantly placed Saturn.

The Gauquelins' findings began to appear in publications in the 1960s. Michel published an initial book in 1967, The Cosmic Clocks, and then through the 1970s more than 25 volumes of statistical data were published by the couple from the Laboratoire d'Etude des Relations entre Rythmes Cosmiques et Psychophysiologiques, which they had founded in Paris. Their collaboration, however, as well as their marriage, came to an end in the 1980s.

Since that time Françoise continued to write and publish (Michel died in 1991). For a number of years she edited Astro-Psychological Problems (1982-88). Her 1982 Psychology of the Planets emphasizes the agreement of her and Michel's statistical results and traditional astrology, the differences having been emphasized in several of Michel's writings.




Françoise SCHNEIDER-GAUQUELIN (born Marie Schneider)
- born June 19, 1929 at 4 am (04:00) in Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
(sources : Patrice Guinard (r.p.) and Jacques de Lescaut, 1994, from Lois Rodden's, AstroData News, No. 3, 1986)
- married to Michel Gauquelin from 1954 to 1985.
- director of Astro-Psychological Problems magazine (1982-1995), not well known in France, but appreciated by the English-speaking community.
- author of books on applied psychology, of Psychology of the Planets (San Diego, ACS Publications, 1982), and of Problèmes de l'heure résolus pour le monde entier (Paris, Trédaniel, 1987).

- Her contribution to the works of the "Gauquelins" has been considerable, notably in the research of data and the technical organization of statistical procedures, while her husband can be credited with the initial intuitions (which are those of his predecessors, notably Lasson), the will to get results, and the writing of most of the works. Françoise Gauquelin has demonstrated, through her magazine, that she was a first rate researcher. She only believes in the results that she has found, and remains skeptical, if not hostile, to current practices. She will probably be the other great lady of French astrology in the XXth century.


Françoise's CURA articles can be found here :

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And see of course the ARCHIVES GAUQUELIN (143,860 Data)

  Psychology of the Planets by Francoise Gauquelin


The Gauquelin Book of American Charts
by Michel Gauquelin, Francoise Gauquelin

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank gives the following data:

BIRTH: Date: 6/19/1929 Time: 04:00 MET (-1:00) Place: Neuchatel, Switzerland
Lat: 46 N 59 Lng: 06 E 56  RoddenRating: A  DataSource: From memory

DEATH: August 10, 2007 in Joigny (in the department of Yonne)

SourceNotes: LMR quotes her, 4/1979
Biography: Swiss-French psychologist and statistician.  Though skeptical of astrology, she began collaboration with Michel Gauquelin before their marriage in 1954; they had one son together before a bitter separation in 1982, divorcing in 1985.  The Gauquelins became the most famous names in astrology with their work that cross overed into the scientific community.  Françoise is the author of books on memory and communication, with papers on psychology published in science journals.  She is Director of "Astro-Psychological Problems" magazine 1982-1995 and author of  "Psychology of the planets," ACS Publications, 1982 and "Problèmes de l'heure résolus pour le monde entier," 1987.

Category: Healing Fields: Psychologist
Category: Writers: Publisher/ Editor
CategoryNote: Publisher, editor
Category: Science: Mathematics/ Statistics
CategoryNote: Statistician
Category: Book Collection: American Book
Category: Writers: Astrology
Category: Education: Public speaker
CategoryNote: International speaker
Category: Occult Fields: Astrologer
CategoryNote: Pro
Category: Famous: Top 5% of Profession
Category: Relationship: Mate - Noted
CategoryNote: Michel Gauquelin
Category: Relationship: Divorce bitter
CategoryNote: Michel Gauquelin
Category: Relationship: Marriage >15 Yrs
CategoryNote: Married 28 years
Category: Parenting: Kids 1-3
CategoryNote: One son

Event: Relationship: Marriage
EventDate: 1954
EventNotes: Michel Gauquelin
Event: Relationship: End significant relationship
EventDate: 1982
EventNotes: Bitter seperation

RelatedPerson: Gauquelin, Michel
Relationship: Spouse
RelationshipNotes: Bitter veryvery


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