The 1960s were heralded as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and one of the manifestations of the lengthy Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo of that era was a rebirth of public interest in astrology. That explosion of interest not only reached the masses, but also was the beginning of long astrological careers for many of the current speakers, writers, and leaders of our field.

Though often downplayed, Linda Goodman's writings were a powerful force in that rebirth. A vast number of us had our first exposure to astrology through books like Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and her Love Signs, both of which were on the best seller lists for a very long time. We found out whom we ought to love, why our current flame was so compelling, and what was wrong with the relationship.

After Linda had us thoroughly hooked on learning more about ourselves and others through astrology, those of us who chose to study it seriously moved beyond Sun signs into a more detailed of the planets, houses, signs, and other factors in our complex field. Still, we should never deny that so very many of us got our start from reading her books.

Possibly no set of data on this site has engendered as much controversy as Linda Goodman's--and from all accounts, that is exactly how she would have wanted it. She gave out different birth information--or, more likely, DISinformation--to different people. She always cited April 9 as the day of her birth, but the year and birth time varied widely. It is even said that she bribed the record clerks in her home town to give out false information. Since it mattered so much to her that her chart not be known, let us respect her wishes here. After a tumultuous and often difficult life, she died from complications of diabetes on October 21, 1995.


A large number of Linda's mass market books are still in print and widely available in major chain stores in both paperback and hardcover editions. They include:

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Linda Goodman's Love Signs

Linda Goodman's Star Signs

Venus Trines at Midnight: Love Poems

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