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By Gayle Zola Herskovitz (daughter)

Margie Herskovitz, extraordinary human being, wife, mother, teacher, friend and a prominent gifted astrologer, passed away on February 7, 2009 in Las Vegas., NV due to unexpected and sudden iatrogenic complications from treatment. She was 83.


A native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, graduating from Taylor Alderdice High School in 1942, she moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1947 to marry Irwin M. Herskovitz (also a Pittsburgh native). They were married 40 years until his death in 1988. She is survived by two children Gayle Z. Herskovitz-Stevens of Baltimore and Michel Herskovitz of Las Vegas Nevada. She was devoted mother-in-law to Robert J. Stevens, Jr of Baltimore and was sister to the late Esther Zalevsky of Denver, Colorado.

Among her many accomplishments as a former Nursing Home Administrator, business owner and more recently a water aerobics instructor, Margie's true passion was astrology. She was a NCGR Level IV and ISAR-CAP certified professional astrologer, life member of the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), National Council for Geocosmic Research(NCGR), International Society for Astrological Research ( ISAR) , Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA) and held numerous board positions.


She has also been a supporter of Kepler College, the first accredited astrological school in the US. Her contributions to the astrological community spanning more than 45 years, brought her international recognition. Presented with the NCGR Sisophys Award for community service in 2002, she then received the Marion March Regulus Award for Community Service at UAC (United Astrology Congress) May 2008 in Denver, Colorado

In addition to her organizational work, Margie was a frequent guest on radio and television, a featured columnist and guest lecturer on many cruise lines. Her client base was worldwide. She began teaching in the early 1970's at AUM (Aquarian University of Maryland) and Howard County Community College. She lectured extensively.


She was Co-Owner of one of the first Metaphysical Book/Gift Stores to open in US in 1976selling custom hand made jewelry, crysal balls, amulets, books, and also offered consultations. Locations were in Dundalk, Ellicott City and Baltimore. Locally, she participated in fund raising efforts to benefit the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland Science Center, American Visionary Arts Museum, Cystic Fibrosis, just to name a few.

She also has one of the most extensive and comprehensive astrological/metaphysical libraries. For the past 15 years, she became interested in and studied the Kaballah.


Always interested in health and fitness, she started another career at age 71 becoming certified both as an Arthritis Aquatics and water aerobics instructor. Over the course of the next 10 years, she taught at the Maryland Athletic Club, Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, Bennett Institute, and at many retirement communities including Blakehurst. People were always inspired by Margie's "can do it" attitude, hard work and sense of fun.


Known for her generous, loving and fun nature, adventurous spirit, and life of service, Margie was indeed a collector of people and their friendship. To celebrate Margie, a blog, is dedicated to sharing memories and reflections on her life. She was also a member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.


Funeral services and interment were held at Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery - Berrymans Lane, on Friday, February 13, at 12 Noon.. Contributions (please omit flowers) in her memory may be sent to Kepler College, 4630 200th St. SW, suite P, Lynnwood, WA 98036 or Lev Hashem, 3644 N. Rancho, suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89130 Family at Home: 1334 Church Hill Drive (off Old Court Road) Baltimore MD 21208 After the funeral on Friday, February 13, 2009 and after 1 PM on Saturday, February 14 and Sunday, February 15, 2009.


Reflections on Margie….

Eulogy- Gayle Zola Herskovitz (daughter)

12 noon February 13, 2009 Baltimore,Md.

Margie was a Mega Mom….not to just Michel and me…but to everyone. She had a never ending supply of nourishing energy. Everyone wanted to be with her. She spent her life doing for others…..being there whenever you needed her….always with a smile….laughter and good cheer. No task was every too great. And she had an amazing ability to mobilize people. Even if you didn’t want to do something….  Margie had a knack….of making it happen….She had so much energy…that it was hard to keep up with her. No stone was every left unturned. Throughout her life….  she collected not only astrological books ( her passion and love) but friends TRUE friends. What a gift she had to bring out the best in people.

She had a hunter’s instinct for talent and good character….and her magnetic energy drew people to her….and they have stayed true and steadfast and have been such a comfort to Michel and me. And Margie liked really strange, eccentric, …off centered unusual if you’re here today ( at the graveside service)….you are one of “those people” (laugh).. Margie never liked run of the mill.

The hardest part for Margie was when she got sick. …and now needed others to help her. This was not a comfortable place for her…as a Virgo…it was all about doing for others…quietly and completely….Even in her compromised physical state…it did not dampen her energy…and she still managed to nudge….She breathed life into the astrological group in Las Vegas…and even one week before she died….she brought a Baltimore astrologer there…to lecture and do a workshop…to help him get on the circuit.

Her accomplishments were many…..She was a great astrologer … great….and her insight helped so many people. …She never sought fame or fortune but she pursued a life of service and in the pursuit of service she received both….worldwide recognition receiving community service awards (Marian March Regulus Award UAC 2008 and the Sisophyus Award 2002) and the true fortune not the kind you find in your pocket….but the kind you find in your heart. She always wished she had written a book….and one was in process…..we wrote the outline….while she was laying on the bed…..this past October.

Margie was not interested in cooking….and we had the same meal every night……chicken…with the skin removed under the broiler with a little pepper….some kind of steamed vegetables…with no flavor. My dad affectionately said… “Marge, I knew you couldn’t cook when I married you….but I thought you could learn”…Funny… I still see my Dad at the kitchen table….as she is taking out the dry lifeless….chicken. I became a gourmet cook…and then my Dad had some great food.

There are so many memories…so many stories….all the fun my Mom and I had….  we always got into a lot of mischief…..and those we met got into mischief too….she lectured on the cruise ships….and we were able to travel the world on a dime because of her talent. She was so resourceful and left us a legacy of good stewardship of both money and time, honesty, integrity and the value of friendship.

She was my greatest support…..a stage mother….maybe to all of us…."you can do it" and we believed her….and we did it. What I am going to miss most….is her information. She called herself 411…..for everything. Her memory was phenomenal….even to the last day. Unbelieveable really.

Somehow I believe that she is still with us…still trying to direct the show….We established a website.. “rememberingmargie”….and the first comment is “And Margie wrote” posted on February 8…we have no idea of how it got there….Since...I have remembered things instantly…..I feel her presence.

So even though we are not going to receive the flood of internet jokes….nor will she be here with us physically…I know that Margie will be available for anyone who needs her….Just call Heaven 411…and she’ll answer.

Thank you all for being here ..And now….I’ve asked Rob Hand who is here today…. And probably the world’s most famous astrologer…to say a few words….and he talked about Margie’s “heart” for service and how she took on every job that needed to be done..nothing was ever too menal..for her ..and then Rob was overcome with emotion when he said “And Margie was probably one of the most decent people I have ever known”!





Gayle Zola Herskovitz (daughter)

BIRTH: September 4, 1925, Steubenville, Ohio 4:53 a.m. (Asc. 28 degrees Leo)

DEATH: February 7, 2009, 11:25 a.m. Las Vegas, Nevada


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