by Ayesha Grice

ISABEL M. HICKEY was an angel of Light, whose teachings reached people of all races, colors and creeds. We know that she was an evolved being because her teachings effected individuals of diverse backgrounds, races and creeds.

After seeing Issie, (the name lovingly given her by her students), at an astrological conference in New York I traveled to Massachusetts one week later to have my astrological chart read. We instantly connected on the soul level, hugged and cried because we recognized that we had known each other in past lifetimes.

Issie became my teacher, mentor, friend and spiritual mother. I will always bless and revere her memory because my relationship with her completely changed my life. It wasn't long before I discovered that she was more than an astrologer, lecturer and teacher. but she was also actively doing the spiritual work with her spiritual retreats in Rhode Island, and her healing meditation sessions in Boston that her devoted followers named "The Friday Night Fix".

I loved Issie because she did more than give lip service to the spiritual principles she taught. She walked her talk, and reached out to the spiritually hungry and all who came to her for guidance. Her dedication to spiritual truth superseded any need to be popular and accepted. Issie stood firm in her beliefs, taught tolerance, unconditional love and urged all who would listen to raise above personality and to give service to the less fortunate.


In the early 1970's Issie encouraged me to start a weekly meditation session with teenagers in Harlem. It wasn't long before she became the patron saint and spiritual godmother to the group, that meditated at the same time as her group in Boston. Issie opened her spiritual retreats to the Harlem group, and further invited them to spend summers with her at her summer home in New Hampshire, called Harmony Hill.

Her humanitarian persona, infectious smile and loving approach to all people changed the direction of not only my life, but the lives of children who previously had never traveled out of the confines of their neighborhood in Harlem. Consequently there are many Black people in New York who love her memory and still use the spiritual principles taught to them at a vulnerable age.

Issie gave us the Robe of Light Prayer for Protection, which my family and I still use and pass on to others. If she were here she'd probably say, "alright Ayesha, stop the talk and share the prayer." I can see those blue green eyes twinkling with joy at the opportunity to share the prayer that has helped so many in the past. So this one's for you, beloved Issie, and for all who choose to see:


I clothe myself with a Robe of Light, composed of the Love, Wisdom and Power of God. Not only for my own protection, but for all who see it and come in contact with it, will be drawn to God and healed.


From an Unknown Admirer:
"THANK YOU FOR YOUR TEACHINGS! God bless you wherever you are."


When I was a teenager in the 1960s my girlfriend took me to study group meetings with Isabel Hickey on St. Botolph St. (I believe) in Back Bay, Boston. She was/is a lovely soul, who taught both astrology and spirituality. She was influenced by Eastern saints (Vivekananda I think or perhaps Yogananda) and her classes were very profound and loving in nature.

It was my first experience with a spiritual theology, something that has fascinated and drawn me. Her readings for me were also profound: some of which has come to pass, and some of which remains to be seen. I remember her warmly and with love and admiration.....Jon Miller

The B.U. chapel in the sixties is where I was given a gift of study by this woman. With two babies in fresh p.j.'s for the night, my first husband and I spent the most important part of our week . Many years later sitting with the prayer group from the Edgar Casey Institute, Isabel's name surfaced and I said I knew her. She was the person who taught me to pray .

Many years and passages later she remains a flower pressed to my heart. The Children are grown . My son is now thirty-three and my daughter is thirty-two. I still remember taking them outside in the might as the bells rang from every church in Boston . The war had ended and That was one very strong prayer that beat in the heart of the "Friday Night fix" . Isabelle explained life and spun everything in golden love. She was a blessing! It was wonderful to hear someone mention the "Friday Night Fix"

Written for this Memorial by Magae Hartzell

"Dear Issy, I, like so many others, met Issy through the Friday Night Fix (Friday night discussion and meditation groups held at Hippocrates Health Institute in downtown Boston). I had moved to Boston from Florida and was searching for more, spiritually. When I saw Issy sitting up there on that table, immediately I knew I was in the presence of a loving being.

"An Astrology Consultation followed and she was so uplifting and obviously very intuitive, but there was a deeper wisdom, a 'knowing' about her, something you couldn't fully grasp, but you knew you just had to be around her. She even told me in that reading that I reminded her of herself when she was a younger woman. She said that I should really study Astrology because I would have quite a gift there.

"So, along with the Friday Night Fix, I attended her classes and went on retreats with her. She was a true spiritual doorway for so many of us - she was my spiritual mentor in many ways. She opened my heart/mind/spirit to love and light, more than I could comprehend at the time. She embodied vast understandings of Eastern and Western mysticism, New Thought, Ancient teachings and always the great masters, and of course the true love of the Christ Consciousness.

"It has taken me years and many earth (ego) shattering transits of Pluto, et al, to fully grasp the gift I stumbled upon casually, one Friday night. I got the opportunity to thank her personally for all that she had done for me at a Conference just before her transition. I am blessed to have known her and will never forget her presence of love. I am now a metaphysical teacher and Astrologer - how it all comes full circle and if I could only inspire one person with the grace that she gave to all, I will have done my job. May you be lifted up to God to be blessed Issy."

Magae Hartzell

Tosha M Mclean writes for this memorial:

"I am an African American Female from Portsmouth New Hampshire born in 1972 who had an interest in Greek Mythology and Astrology ever since I was 7 years old. At the age of 2-27, when Uranus was transiting my Natal Mercury in Aquarius, then Sun, I decided to learn about Astrology. Then I remember walking through this old used bookstore and I found "A Cosmic Science" by Isabel Hickey, I bought it. What I found in there was so mind riveting. I finally took this astrology correspondence course and I used her book like it was my bible(and I still do). My Astrology instructor wondered how I received so much insight. He marveled.

"I make it my business to tell everyone who is interested in Astrology to by this book by Isabel Hickey, I tell them it's a must. I just tutored my first Astrology class just this past Saturday and I made it a point to tell my students to buy "A Cosmic Science". It's funny because when I need help with problems astrological, I say "let me get old Issie". that is how I refer to the book/I had no idea that was actually her nickname. Isabel Hickey is alive and well in my Astrological life. I have learned so much from her and I have never even met her. I thank her so much for her contributions." Tosha M. Mclean

"I remember attending the Friday Night Fix religiously at the Stone Science Center at Boston University and then for a long time at the Christian Community of Boston on Farrington and Harvard Ave. in Allston. Though I rarely spoke up, most of my questions seemed to be answered by the end of the evening. Jonathan Richman, local musican and now nationally known, often wore his heart on his sleeve, always asking poignant questions which Issie would patiently answer. I remember Mitch, who during the early years that I attended, would often act as MC before Issie came on."

Gene Husch (Cambridge)

Isabel Hickey has served as a mentor to me long after she has passed. I heard her speak in Michigan when I was a teenager. There were 500 of us there. I was angry with my mother at the time. Isabel's words made me cry. I hugged my mother and told her that I loved her after the session was over. I have her signed book, It Is ALL Right. I refer to it often and consider it one of the greatest gifts I have.

Pat in Georgia

I knew Isbelle from 1973 to 1979.  I was introduced to her by my friends
Munch and Alan Gleiner.  My wife and I met at a Friday Night Fix. 
Iasbelle taught me how to meditate.  More than anything else, however,
she also taught me this treasured Mantra (be sure to catch the inflections)

IT is all right

    it IS all right
       it is ALL right

          it is all RIGHT.

She once said that meditating on this mantra was all you needed to do to
achieve enlightenment.   She was right.

One day, in one of her Friday Night Fix talks, she casually mentioned
the three barriers:  desire, passion and attachment.  Or maybe it was
Reshad Field who taught me about desire, passion and attachment, and
Isabelle who taught me about envy, pride and resentment.  I was working
with both of these teachers at the same time and their teachings became
so entwined in my mind that I have never been able to separate them.
Whichever one taught what, what they taught was that these six things
(which are really three things viewed from different perspectives, are
what stop us from making progress on the pass.

I am pretty sure that it was Izzie (we called her Izzie, not Issie, by
the way)  that taught me about desire, passion and attachment.  I
remember becoming confused because, in my mind, passion was a positive. 
Passion, according to Izsie, was excessive desire and, if desire was a
barrier, how could passion not be an even larger barrier.

Barriers, according to Izzie, was whatever distracted you from the work.
Desire, the wish for something you don't have, is a barrier because when
you are feeling desire yo don't see things as they really are, but see
them instead as you want them to be.  Envy is desire turned inside out.  When you desire something that you don't have, you envy whomever has it. 

At the end of this talk, I asked the question:  How do you overcome
these things.

Isabelle smiled at me, and said.  Gratitude and generosity.

I replied, "Huh"  How's that again?"

She said, "Be grateful for whatever you receive, no matter what it is,
no matter how you receive it.  But gratitude is not enough. You must
also be generous, giving away all that you can give.  Gratitude
encourages attachment.  Generosity cures attachment.  Whatever you get
attached to, give it away, and you will never be trapped by these demons.

Alan Milner


The memories of the summers in spent on Harmony Hill with Issie and my family was some of the best summer experiences a child could ever have. City slickers in the Country, trying to enjoy fresh milk from the cow on my shredded wheat, and Issie saying how good it tastes, (not true) at least not to a child at my age. Issie was like a grandmother to me and my siblings. I remember on one of the many times we went to the retreats in Rhode Island, and I was sick with menstrual cramps and issie told me to “lay on the grass child and let mother earth take the pain away” I’m all balled up half way crying said “OK’..(Whimpering when I said it) I did it and I did feel better for a while, but at the age of 12 or 13, mind wasn’t as focused on the healing part, as soon as I raised off the grass, instant pain came again.(smile)

Issie in my childhood but I wish I had the time with her that my mom had with her, I wish I had Issie now! I Love you Issie!



I met Isabel at the 1972 AFA convention and this has become the most important day in my life.  She was conducting workshops and presenting Huna.  At that time the AFA determined that her teachings were not astrological and stated that she must cease.  Isabel, along with her entire workshop attendees, took up residence across the street at another hotel. She was, and I am sure still is, the grandest of Leo's.

    The following year we, the Clinton Astrological Association, invited her to come to our town and speak, teach, do whatever she wanted to do...  and she did.  We loved every second of her time and hope to meet up with her again.




I spent much time on Harmony Hill  with my Mother in law " Marjie Marquis" a long time student of  Issy. The beauty of the home, hill and the eternal magic that happen on that country hill has never been matched.  Marjie Marquis learned the beauty, strength and grace from Issy.  I was lucky enough to experience all of these qualities and have tried to establish this in my way of life.

 At Harmony hill, life was a lesson and the way we view and learn from our experiences help our growth on this planet and Astrology was just part of the path in this discovery process.

 Astrology, spirituality, and psychic abilities that  was a gift to all who meet Issy and Marjie on the hill.

 Love & Light,

 Regina Marquis


I remember Isabelle Hickey's lectures at B.U. when I was in my teens 
and early twenties.  She was fascinating.  I'm sure my own work as a 
psychic, astrologer  and spiritual teacher has been influenced by her 
beautiful healing presence and her philosophy. I really don't 
remember exact words, only that I loved to listen to her and always 
came away feeling uplifted.

Martha (Feldman) Woodworth
Las Vegas, Nevada


Hi Folks,

My wife Nancy and I lived about a mile from Jay and Stephanie Hickey in Epsom, N.H. We were building our “homespun” home from scratch. Jay helped us with the carpentry and we became friends and of course heard much about his grandmother Isabel. We were still living in Boston , teaching at Roxbury Latin and Brimmer & May schools.

So we were able to go to the Hippocrates Institute and BU for Friday Night Fix. In the Summers it was off to Nottingham for great gatherings with Issie.

Nancy and I were teaching Yoga in addition to other pursuits in NH. I started in 1974 to teach yoga as a volunteer at the NH State Prison ( I am still there!). These were rough and tumble times on the outside ( Vietnam etc.) and even crazier in the prison system.

I had some pretty hard core and troubled inmates and I felt I was a bit over my head. I spoke to Izzie about some of the students and how intense it was. She said if a prisoner would give me their birth date she would do a cassette tape for them. So that is what we did.

I still have a copy of a tape she did and it is a reminder how light her humor was and in the same moment how directive she was with the inmate. Past lives and their influence on his present lifetime and how this could and would play out. This was dramatic and to the point and made a powerful change in this angry/fearful man.

“I am an acorn, make me a tree”...etc Powerful times , powerful songs definitely a powerful loving teacher... I am so grateful to Jay and his family for inviting us into his “inner circle” and to make this connection with this extraordinary woman.

John Schlosser, Wilmot NH

Yes, I do have memories of this special Lady.

I will write more later.

Having first met Isabelle in a room at the Exeter Hotel in Back Bay, Boston, where she was teaching Astrology in a very calm yet futuristic manner.

I was impressed and taken up by the way she explained her teachings. It was a milestone in my life, a door opened when I was in her presence — and time, both past, present and future all of a sudden were visible, and at the same instance.

I thank you for the opportunity to give a first hand account towards this important and phenomenal women of our time, Isabel Hickey, she was and is my true teacher of Astrology, as she is to many.

I believe in her and have a great honor and respect for her work and her spirit as it exist now.

Thank you,

Have a very nice day,


Ms. Sunny Rose Roberts
Astarte Rose
Astarte Astrological Circle Garden

What: autobiography A Path Perilous
When: 1967-1968, Wednesday or Friday nights?
Where: St Botolph St office upstairs
Why:The importance of her influence in my spiritual development
Who: Richard M.Dell'Orfano

Excerpt from Chapter 27

" That Wednesday evening, we walked to a small doorway on St. Botolph Street in Back Bay, and climbed a narrow flight of stairs that reached a second floor office suite. Folding chairs, arranged in compact rows, crammed with about 100 young adults, all faced toward a winged chair up front. I sat in the back, and he (Mitchel Blake) took his place up front, next to Isabel Hickey,[1] a 64- year-old spiritual astrologist. She had wrapped her golden hair in a pigtail crown, and sat with a benign smile like a queen…that winged chair amplifying her royalty. The constant buzz of young voices came to an abrupt halt with her raised hand. Then they all recited a prayer of her creation, after which she asked for questions and comments. A dozen upraised arms waved in the air, eager to divulge secret heartaches and inward conflicts to the whole congregation--a public confessional.

It was my first experience with spiritual astrology, so different from the norm that the AFA[2] had determined her teachings were not canonical, and she must cease and desist her popular lectures. Her situation was similar to Thomas Merton and the Church. In response to a question, she would first ask for birth data. Within a few minutes, she could channel fascinating guidance, becoming a spiritual doorway. It was obvious by her kind and loving statements she was gifted, influenced by the writings of saints, both West and East, such as St. Francis and Swami Yogananda.

We seemed to be of the same spirit, and often I would anticipate her answers, as if attuned to the same channel. She was forty years older than me, but called me an “old soul”, as if her equal. We gazed into one another's eyes with the mutual knowledge of our separate thoughts, so that we need not express them. After awhile, she invited me every week to sit on the other side of her, opposite to Blake. How and why she singled me out so quickly remains a mystery--a casual comment by Blake perhaps--but it was a blessing and an honor I’ll not forget, any more than if I were dubbed a knight by a queen."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1]Isabel Hickey, author of Astrology, a Cosmic Science was one of the first accessible textbooks in general use in the late Sixties and early Seventies to break away from fatalism and to take a spiritual approach. She conducted large, popular meetings mostly on the East Coast and operated a summer retreat in New Hampshire, reigning as the queen of spiritual astrology until her death at 76 in 1980.

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