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A Fond Farewell to Bruno Huber from Marion March:

"Born on November 29, 1930 at 12:55 pm in Zurich, Switzerland, Bruno Huber, with his Sagittarius Sun was more than ready to explore new territory. He left us on November 3, 1999. (See the chart here.)

"A brilliant man, he and his wife Louise blazed new trails in a Psychosynthesis oriented astrology. The "Huber method" made great inroads in Europe, and was utilized in many countries throughout the world. In Switzerland their API (Astrologisch-Psychologisches Institut) is a thriving school.

"Bruno and Louise authored several books, many of which have been translated into English, with "Age Progression" (also known as "Life Clock") probably being the most widely read. Many Americans had the good luck to listen to and meet with Bruno at UAC 1986, 1989, 1992 and 1995.

"A poet at heart and a philosopher in his soul, he was a wonderful husband and father, with just enough of a glint in his eye for a pretty girl passing by! His work will continue but Bruno will be sorely missed by the astrological community."

Marion March
AFAN Newsletter, Winter 2000


Books by Bruno and Louise Huber available in English are all published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. They Include:

The Astrological Houses

Astrology and the Spiritual Path

Moon-Node Astrology

Astrological Psychosynthesis

Lifeclock: The Huber Method of Timing

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A tribute to Bruno Huber from A.T. Mann:

"When I met Bruno Huber in the early 1980s in England we immediately realized similar ideas and consonant energies. We had both developed time scales for astrological interpretation, and both of them worked, to our mutual pleasure and stimulation. Our exchanges were always vibrant and with laced with our shared Sagittarian humor and enjoyment of life. Bruno was a brilliant innovator and thinker, rare in the astrological world in that his range went way beyond the ordinary, well into higher spiritual domains. We both shared a life of missing fathers, and in some ways he could have been mine. I will miss him and his inspired leadership of the astrological community."

A tribute to Bruno from Maia:

"I am so saddened to hear that Bruno Huber has left us on planet earth, he inspired me to take my Astrological understanding far beyond our world. Back in the 1970's I was intensively studying Astrology in a quiet thatched cottage near the Devon moors. I was busy creating my own approach, when Bruno and Louise came to the UK and I heard them speak about their methods.

"What a shock! There I was thinking I had created a unique approach - green lines and aspect figures - and there was Bruno TALKING about it. Imagine my delight when during the 80's, I discovered the depth and quality of his thinking, I have no hesitation in saying that his life's work helped me to change mine, and through me many others. His legacy will live on and on, and is a true gift to all Astrologers and their lucky clients. Thank you, Bruno, and may you rest in great peace." Maia

Jayj Jacobs writes:

"My (then not yet ex-) wife, Paula Hook, and I met Bruno & his wife (still), Louise, at UAC'86. Our similarities & a natural chart-based affinity brought us together as instant lasting friends. We were all first thrilled to discover that (then) rarity of a husband & wife team of professional astrologers, plus my ancestry is Swiss (in part). After listening to their lecture on drawing colored aspects on chart forms & visually dealing with aspect patterns, we showed them our seven-color aspect system & hollow-wheel chart form, and discussed our complimentary approaches over dinner: Transpersonal psychology, the human potential movement, etc. What was rare then has caught hold for legions of astrologers, but we four felt like we had discovered long lost soul mates on the frontier.

"Bruno's riotous Saj sense of humor loved my Saj Rising & my nick-name, 'Captain Color', which he continued to use. Our Capricornian wives enjoyed the Saj show -- and even joined in. We shared a joie de vivre, a love of Capricorn women [a Capricorn is just a Scorpio in a suit], at which they blushed, and a concern for astrology's future. We explained the ideals behind AFAN & UAC, and the Hubers were hooked on the possibilities for something similar in Europe (i.e., The World Congress). Both became AFAN Advisors while I was on the Steering Committee.

"Bruno was a giant in the field, but he was a sprite in person. His twinkling eyes were from the light of his soul showing through. His smile could illuminate a dinner table or light up an entire room. Bruno wasn't just a great astrologer; he was a great person. He and Louise were kind & generous; I was thrilled when they attended my lecture on Color & Pattern Communicating to the Right-Brain, which supports their Huber Method.

"We had the kind of friendship that continued between every UAC & was refreshed with reminiscences of each previous meeting. Bruno's passing doesn't end that friendship. Louise, Paula & I send psychic hugs to you & Bruno. Aloha."

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