Writing in the 1930s-1940s, Grant Lewi was the author of two hugely popular books that introduced the general public to astrology. Still in print by Llewellyn, these gems of information and insight are Astrology for the Millions and Heaven Knows What. He received a Master's degree from Columbia University and taught English before becoming interested in astrology. For many years, he was editor of Horoscope Magazine.

Today, he is still remembered for a feat that few of us would have the nerve to try. He predicted his own death at age 49 by a cerebral hemorrhage. He died exactly on the day predicted--July 15, 1951. It is said--and it may be true--that he had never been insured, but that when he saw his death coming, he took out a life insurance policy which helped to sustain his wife and three children.


Excerpt from Heaven Knows What  by Carl Payne Tobey

Grant Lewi has become a legend.  He was the lad who quit teaching English at Dartmouth and became an astrologer. He was not surprised when his Heaven Knows What became the best selling astrological book of the twentieth century.  He expected it to be. . . He was a good story teller.  His sense of humor was always working.  There was a gleam of laughter in his eyes, and his personality was full of charm. . . Grant Lewi did not use progressions.  He did not use fixed stars.  He found everything he wanted in the solar system.  He was a practical rather than theoreical astrologer. . .


From Astrology for the Millions:

"Astrology is valid for the same reason the multiplication table is valid - because it works."

Gemini - the twins.  Most days an ordinary fellow with a delicious sense of humor.  On other days somewhat of a mystic.  An individualist belonging to no cults or organizations.  An opponent of the first atomic bomb.  Concentrated on his work in a Greenwich Village apartment on one day, but was out exploring the mountains and desert of Arizona a few days later.  Taught English at Dartmouth.  Edited HOROSCOPE Magazine.  Resigned because he was restless.  Never carried life insurance until shortly before his death in 1951.  Then, even his bank loans were covered by life insurance.  Refused to make appointments for the month that was to follow his death.  Joked about this, and told people, "I'll see you then if I am still here."

BIRTH AND DEATH INFORMATION: AstroDatabank gives the following information rated A, from him in a letter in 1945. He was born June 8, 1902, at 8:30 AM EST, in Albany, NY, 73W45; 42N39. He died July 15, 1951, in Tucson, AZ.

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