The following biography was contributed by Lois Rodden.

Birth Date: April 12, 1919
Birth Time: 12:11:33 PM
Birth Place: Zurich, Switzerland

Data Source: From memory (A) John Van Zandt quotes him in "Prediction."

Biography: Astrologer and siderealist, born in Switzerland but of German nationality. He was one of the first European astrologers to work with computer programs, in 1964, having access to a large IBM computer. At age 45 he learned programming and wrote all of his own astrology programs, using the Topocentric system. He was the author of "Astrologers, Kings, Politicians and Others," in which he published his own 25 page autobiography.

Marr wrote six books and more than 150 articles, publishing his own works. For some 45 years his interest lay primarily in research, and he was known as "an astrologer's astrologer." He rectified birth times with great care and precision, publishing many such data. An extrovert, he stated his opinions frankly, particularly in regards to astrologers whose work remained in a "fictional" belief system.

In commenting on his own chart he remarked about psychological scars from his relationship with his father and early separation from his mother. He was fond of sports, particularly in shooting competitions and hunting, but his greatest interest was in science. Although anti-military in sentiment, Marr served in the Luftwaffe for 25 years, primarily in the Intelligence branch as a specialist in deciphering codes in the Russian language.

His secondary vocation was playing violin in symphony orchestras for 15 years in Germany and Ireland, and he served as a deputy in the Opera Orchestra of Trier for 20 years. Devoted to music and gifted with absolute pitch, he was concertmaster of the Dublin Chamber Orchestra for a number of years.

Marr successfully fought a number of serious illnesses in later life. He finally had a brain stroke on October 4, 1994. As a result, although still active, he gradually lost interest in what had mattered to him most in his life - his music and astrology. He died peacefully on February 9, 2000.

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