Maurice McCann

(1938 -- 2011)

Maurice McCann was an Irish Horary Astrologer who for more than thirty years made his home in London. He started his career in Ireland playing jazz guitar with dance bands and acting as an extra where he met many stars. He stated that when he discovered astrology it took him over and he traded it for his music. He then became an astrologer in the early 70s. Maurice went on to write several books and was the creator of Tara Horary Astrology, a computer software program.

Maurice was educated at St. Malachy's College which is one of the most prestigious schools in Ireland. He had a Diploma of Higher Education and a BA (Hons) both on the History of Astrology as well as an MA from Bath Spa University College. He was Chairman at various times of the Astrological Lodge of London and Editor of Realta, the journal of the Irish Astrological Association. He was also co-director with Derek Appleby of the Meonen School, a correspondence course in Horary Astrology.

In addition to regularly contributing to several international astrological journals, Maurice's essays have appeared in several anthologies on astrology. He also lectured in many countries including USA, Canada, the UK and his native Ireland.


Maurice was co-author with Derek Appleby of Eclipses which was published by Aquarian Press (1989). He later wrote The Void of Course Moon (1997), The Sun & The Aspects (2002) and Astrological Essays (2003) which were all published by Tara Astrological Publications. He also wrote The Errata. The Errata - Guido Bonatti's Liber Astronomiae Tractatus III & VI

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I was wondering why I didn't hear from Maurice McCann for a while, I googled his name and came to your site.
I'm very sorry to read that he died last year. He was a fine and dedicated man of integrity, modest but firm. It was quite a job to make this Tara program for him! (I wrote the software code according to his instructions.) We had many discussions about the analysis of all the complex horary rules but we finally got a nice result. Maybe it would be interesting to know for the readers of his memorial that the Tara program is still available through me; see:
It would be a pity if all this work would get lost.
BTW, you don't happen to have the address of his brother in Belfast, do you?

Best regards,
Koen Van de moortel


Source: Birth data is from the Astrological Journal - May/June 2011 and - An Interview with Maurice McCann by Garry Phillipson, February 5, 1998.

BIRTH: December 23, 1938 in Belfast, Ireland at 1:20 AM/GMT

DEATH: February 18, 2011 in London, England after a long illness.


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