Long a teacher and explorer of astrology, yoga, reincarnation, and other spiritual and occult fields, American astrologer, Marcia Moore was brought to national attention through Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation by Jess Stearn.

Throughout the 1970s, her fame grew through her own books and appearances, and she attracted a following of celebrities to her Ojai, California residence, where she enjoyed a glamorous, high profile lifestyle. She disappeared on January 14, 1979, and remains were discovered, verified by DNA testing, two years later. Twenty years later, there are still conflicting reports on her death, but rather than delve into them, we choose here to celebrate her life.


A fascinating illustration of how two people born the same day, month, and year express their charts is in the case of Lois Rodden and Marcia Moore. When Marcia gave Lois, the inveterate data collector, her birth information, they discovered that they were born the same date, May 22, 1928!

The time and place are, of course, different--they weren't separated at birth. In AstrodataBank, with her typical impeccability, Lois ranks her own birth information as C, rectified to 12:27 AM, Lang, Canada, from her mother's memory that it was near midnight. Marcia's record is ranked A, from her memory, as 9:10 AM, EDT, in Cambridge, MA. (To See the Chart)

The postions of the planets are nearly identical, though Marcia's twelfth house Cancer Moon is only three degrees from a conjunction to Pluto, while Lois's fifth house Moon is six degrees from that conjunction. Marcia's Ascendant was Cancer; Lois's Aquarius. The Gauquelin sectors are very different and illustrate much about the differences in their life paths. Marcia had a high-profile and very charismatic Mars/Uranus/Midheaven conjunction in Aries, while Lois has scholarly and meticulous Saturn in Sag on her Midheaven.

Both have been important contributors to the world of astrology, though in very different ways, and both wrote landmark books.


Marwayne Leipzig was close to the couple, and they dedicated Journeys into the Bright World to her. She contributed the following additional data, from the principles in the case. Marcia's third husband, Dr. Howard Alltounian was born June 13, 1937, at 12:45 AM EST in Highland Park, MI, 83W06; 42N24.

Marcia was last seen at approximately 8:30 PM PST on January 14, 1979, in Alderwood Manor, WA. 122W14; 47N10. Her skull was found on March 20, 1981, at 3:30 PM PST near 172nd and Bothell Way, 122W12; 47N52.

BOOKS BY MARCIA MOORE: Marcia Moore wrote a number of books, none of which are generally available today. They include:

Astrology: The Divine Science

Astrology in Action

Reincarnation, the Key to Immortality

Yoga, Science of the Self

Diet, Sex and Yoga

Journeys into the Bright World


John McCormick, writing in Mercury Hour, July, 1981:

"Death is cruelest when its hand is placed too soon upon the young, the beautiful or the gifted. We are thrice bereaved, for Marcia Moore was all of these. Marcia loved life and she lived it to the full. Her departure has left a void that will not be filled in the hearts of all who remember her. Her good will never faltered and her shy smile will smile forever in our happy recollections.

"We suggest that the location of her resting place be noted and that no astrologer pass that blessed plot without pausing to place a flower there in memory of the delightful girl we loved so well or murmur a brief appreciation of the gift of wisdom she left behind during her brief stay among us. May she rest quietly, forever, untroubled."

Janette Birch wrote for this memorial:

"Not too long before Marcia Moore's disappearance I had a past-life regression by Marcia. It was at a friend's house in Eugene, Oregon. Marcia Moore looked so much younger than her chronological age. She had grace and beauty and left a memorable and lasting impression on me. To this day I can still recall her vividly. I was extremely saddened by her disappearance."

Dear Ones:

Just rendering homage to a great astrologer and researcher. I have her book, "Astrology the divine science" since 1981, one of my first books, favorite and useful till today and I hope trascend many generations to come. 

Sunita de Tellitu


I met Marcia Moore through Jess Stern.  I was completely and absolutely captivated by her.  What can I say?  How was I so captivated?  Did she encourage me to study yoga?  Vegetarianism?  Perhaps.  It was, I think, her soul essence, that something undefinable, charismatic.  I had subscribed to that magazine she and Sunny put out...I was so worried when she disappeared and even wrote a friend of hers in British Columbia (another yoga teacher).  So sad to learn she's left us.  Wherever you are Marcia, I hope you are doing well. 

B. W.


I am shocked to hear, so many years later, of Marcia's fate. I was regressed by her in the late 1970's in Tucson, AZ. It was my first experience and very interesting. At that time she told me that there were 10 or so people in Tucson who had the same regression experience as the one that I had. That was intriguing. I was actually looking her up to find her and try again. So sad. I feel lucky to have had the time with her back then.

Thank you,


In Memory of Marcia Moore

I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts in the 1950's. Marcia was that mysterious woman who lived at the end of the road, and was rumored to go off to far-away India from time to time. She used to come to our home, which had a big living room, and teach yoga to the neighborhood housewives. She was something of an inspiration for me, as I eventually became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (, made several journies to India myself, and delved deeply into Ayurveda and Jyotish Astrology. ~ Thank you, Marcia! .... and blessings upon all those who have touched your heart, and all those whose heart you have touched. ~ John Dewey

I had the great privilege and joy of working with Marcia on her last book, Journeys Into The Bright World, as the Acquisitions and Content Editor for Para Research. I knew Marcia in years prior, having been introduced to her by Isabel Hickey, who brought Marcia to speak at her Harmony Hill summer retreat in New Hampshire, and who loved Marcia greatly. Issie said that Marcia was a nature sprite who had incarnated into the human realm, to remind us of the magic of nature. I found that to be true during my time with Maria working on her book. She wanted all of us at the Editorial Department to fully appreciate why she Ketamine was a tool for spiritual awakening, and so she took us all on a ketamine "adventure" one day, a profound experience that left me feeling deeply blessed and humbled by the magnitude of her Spirit. The artist who did the cover design for Marcia's book was a personal friend of mine, Gaetana Freniere, who did a brilliant job depicting the essence of what Marcia hoped to convey. Marcia's mysterious disappearance after the book's release left us all in a great grief. She deserves to be remembered as a beautiful soul whose Light still shines from a much brighter world.
Amy Shapiro



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