Al H. Morrison

Cancerian Al H. Morrison was an important figure in the New York and international astrology community for decades. He taught, wrote, and was very involved in groups. He founded the Congress of Astrological Organizations. He had a large following in Ireland, where he was much loved, and in other European countries.

Most of all, he was a brilliant innovator and steadfast researcher. Once he was convinced of the importance of some technique or chart factor, he latched onto it with typical Cancerian tenacity and advocated for it with anyone who would lend an ear. As Lorraine Welsh said in her NCGR tribute to him, if Eleanor Bach was the "Mother of Asteroids," Al was surely the father, for he supported her work and freely distributed ephemerides of some asteroids he considered worthy of investigation.

Al also compiled and published an annual void of course Moon ephemeris, which he sent to hundreds of people without charge, along with notes urging them to look into it.Today the astrological principles that Al fought so hard to get us to accept are no longer controversial but taken for granted.

The void of course Moon is featured in every astrological ephemeris, calendar, or appointment book worth its salt, and a great many of us follow it religiously in making plans. Those same daily reference books routinely chart anywhere from one to five asteroids, so their positions are continually at our fingertips and in our awareness. He was deservedly given the Matrix Pioneer Award for his contributions to our community.

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BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank cites the following information, rated A, which he gave to Lois Rodden. He was born July 8, 1916, at 12:15 AM CST in North Little Rock, AR, 92W16; 34N45. His ADB record says that he died of cancer at the age of 78 at 4:20 AM on May 29, 1995 in New York City. However, his daughter Gemma, who was present at his death, wrote to correct this inaccurancy. She states that he died at 3:10 PM.

Blake Finley notes that while a widely-distributed computer printout prepared by Michelsen in earlier years indicated a birth time of 12:15 AM in North Little Rock, that Al later distributed a handwritten chart indicating nearby Bellevue, Arkansas, as the birth place, and a birth time of 00:17:29 AM CST. The Bellevue chart, handwritten by Al himself, and dated April 1982, includes Al's handwritten comment, "vindicated by 25 years of observation after rectification". Bellevue is a very small town near North Little Rock not shown on most available maps.

(Blake Finley,; The Uranian Institute for Astrological Study & Research)

Al had not just the Sun but three other planets in Cancer. There was a Sun/Saturn conjunction in the Gauquelin sector conjunct the IC--Saturn in the fourth and Sun in the third--plus a Venus/Pluto conjunction in the third, all in Cancer. The complexities and strength of his inquiring mind are shown a stellium in the third with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto in Cancer and Mercury in Gemini.

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  About The Best of Al H. Morrison

Al H. Morrison was one of the most brilliant and innovative astrologers of the 20th century. Publisher of the Void of Course Moon and minor planet ephemerides, editor of CAO TIMES and President of the Astrologers Guild, he stayed on the cutting edge of astrological research while remaining rooted in tradition. Morrison studied with Marc Edmund Jones, Barbara Watters and Charles Jayne, whose influences are apparent in his work. His research continued over 50 years of study.

Because of his at times abrasive personality, Morrison's lectures and involvement in astrological organizations were limited, though he continued to write, teach and lecture throughout his career. Here for the first time are his collected works - his thoughts on Chiron and the minor planets, the Void of Course Moon, Declination, and a wide array of other topics in astrology and beyond.

Editor Karen Christino is a consulting astrologer based in New York City. Her books include Foreseeing the Future: Evangeline Adams and Astrology in America and Star Success: An Astrological Guide to your Career. She is professionally certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and has a B.A. from Colgate University.

The Best of Al H. Morrison is available for $21.95 plus shipping - add $1.60 for media mail (total of $23.55) or $4.05 for priority mail (total of $26.00) in the U.S. You may order the book directly from Stella Mira Books at P.O. Box 02-3095, Brooklyn Heights, NY, 11202 or email:    Please be sure to include your name and address as well as a check or money order for the full amount. Or you may charge it to a credit card via


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