Sharon Mullen was a Boston astrologer and historian.  For many years, she was also a student and an experienced Tong Ren practitioner. Sharon passed away at the age of 57. 

In January 2008, Sharon led a “Tap for Peace” in Quincy, MA.  In her advertisement for this event, Sharon shares her interest in world peace. To quote, "In her never-ending effort to heal people and also focus on global issues and bring the world closer to peace, she integrates Astrology and Ton Ren to effect change on an international level.”

Sharon was a long-time member of National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and had a Level IV certification as a consulting astrologer through them.  She was also the Education Director for NCGR’s Boston Chapter and a frequent contributor to the Chapter’s publication, “The Astrologer’s Newsletter.”

Sharon had a B.A. from Boston State College with a major in German and minors in Spanish and History.  She also had graduate credits in Education and in Astrology from Kepler College. 


Click here to listen to Sharon Mullen interview about Tong Ren and astrology.



True to her Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini, Sharon was always in motion and/or in rapid-fire discussion. With so many interests she was a vibrant conversationalist and could talk as easily about World War II as she could about Zoroastrianism, transneptunians, or the state of modern medicine. After she took an early retirement from her job with the social security administration, Sharon became even more active in the astrological community through her service to the Boston Chapter of NCGR. As longtime chapter Education Director, she taught many seekers of NCGR certification the joys of chart construction and rectification. She spurred us on with her enthusiasm and encouragement. In my mind’s eyes and ears, I see the look of pride on her face and hear the lilt in her voice when a chapter member achieved a new level of proficiency. A frequent contributor to the Boston chapter’s newsletter, she was especially interested in mundane astrology. With fondness and sadness, I recall our many wonderful conversations about political trends, world events and the transiting aspects forming in the sky. Sharon was an ardent student and practitioner of Tong Ren and would generously give of her time and energy to anyone in need of a treatment. With a compassionate heart, she displayed special tenderness for the elderly and frail. Her death is a big loss for her family and her many friends. --Pat Taglilatelo


Sharon proctored many Exams for NCGR and was very supportive of others' efforts over the years to achieve NCGR Certification.  She was a very giving and generous support to Frances McEvoy, prior Boston Chapter President and Joyce Levine, Current Boston Chapter President and anyone who happened to meet her.    Sharon's inquisitive mind and passion for knowledge will be greatly missed.    

 Jill Geller     




Source: Birth Certificate and  from memory - Pat Taglilatelo. 

BIRTH: June 3, 1951, 6:35 AM/EDT, Boston, MA

DEATH: September 27, 2008.


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