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The astrology community world-wide was saddened by the death of Buz Myers on March 12, 2000. Memorial services for Buz were held in wide-spread places on March 19, fitting coinciding with the Astrology Day events that Buz had so much to do with initiating.

Some of the information and tributes that were forwarded to us are on the three pages that follow, posted in the order received. Because the volume of tributes is overwhelming, no more can be accomodated here, but we know Buz' friends and staff would want to preserve them. A moving tribute to Buz appears on the RKM web page.

Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank gives the following birth data, from Buz to Joan McEvers, according to his own rectification. He was born on November 9, 1941, at 6:38 PM EST, at Painesville, OH, 81W15; 41N43. An email from Fran Rosen, relaying information from Buz' business partner, Jan Ashton, who was with Buz in his final hours, gives his death data as March 12, 2000, at 8:38 PM EST, in Portsmouth, VA.

ABOUT BUZ' TAPES: We are fortunate that the considerable wit and wisdom of Buz Myers lives on in a large collection of tapes available at his web site. Even the tape descriptions bring the essence of his work to life.


Our beloved Buz Myers left the physical plane at 8:38 this evening. May he rest in peace, and may he send word back from the other side about how the accommodations are.

Thank you all for being there for him, and for me. Communicating with all of you, and with the many of you who sent me personal notes, has helped me through all of this.

Don Juan said that Death is the hunter, that Death is always looking over your left shoulder, and that you should treat each moment as if it were yourlast. This week has certainly driven home that point to me. May you live each moment as if it were your last -- in full and total awareness of the preciousness of life -- and may those moments be mostly moments of peace.

Love and Blessed Be, Fran


"No one is ever really dead until they are forgotten. So he isn't & won't ever be." -- Reverend J.H.J. Cobbs

Buz is (not was -- he & his chart live on) a 17:11 Scorpio with a 15:05 Gemini Rising & a 21 Cancer 43 Moon. While transiting Pluto was finishing a Trine to his Aries Mars; Uranus was squaring his Sun; transiting Mars squared his Moon within a degree (from the Solar 6th -- with Saturn); Jupiter's Square to Pluto indicates "A big, beneficial change." But with the transiting Moon -- in his Solar 8th & Natal 1st houses -- and it only 3 minutes before an exact Conjunction to his Jupiter, you (& he) can rest assured that 'death' was a release. The joy is in finally letting go.

Buz epitomized modern professional astrology. He brought astrology to life, and into the lives of thousands of people. He lived & died astrology. Including a deathwatch/vigil by his extended family/friends through Internet posts/email: truly Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini. That was his final gift to all of us. Aloha, Jayj


There was no one in astrology like Buz Myers. He was a phenomenon of intuition and energy. Buz had a way of zapping you between the eyes with rapid fire truth that was sure to wake you up. He was an amazing combination of heart and mind, a complete original. I was amazed by the difference between public Buz and private Buz. When he was teaching he grabbed your attention and focused it so tightly that you couldn't look away. His concentration was incredible, particularly considering the number of ideas that came flying out of his mouth. But privately I saw a quieter man who was happy to let the spotlight fall elsewhere. I was deeply touched by this contrast between this wizard with all the answers and the sensitive, even shy guy at home.

Buz had the courage to carve his own path in the world of astrology. He was successful as a counselor, teacher, conference organizer and businessperson. He gave to the community, but took time away from it to pursue his interest in Native American ideas and incorporated them in his work. Buz was true. He was true to his work, his beliefs and his heart.

I am so thankful that he was a part of us, an astrologer who showed us how to live, love and teach with such gentle power and life force.

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