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Joan Negus was one of astrology's finest educators, both locally in the Princeton, NJ, area and on a national level. Along with her co-chair, Joanna Shannon, she gave years of dedicated service to the educational arm of the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

In the Fall, 1997, issue of the NCGR Journal, Rob Hand writes:

"On the morning of Sept. 20, 1997, at about 9:15 AM in Princeton, NJ, Joan Negus died of cancer after an illness of several months. In her passing we have lost a beloved friend and one of the most extraordinary people in the astrological community.

"Joan was a member of the board of the National Council for Geocosmic Research since the late 1970s. She was especially known as the chairperson of the Education Committee and the chief person responsible for running and monitoring the NCGR astrological testing program that is now international in scope.

"She had practiced astrology since the early 1970s and had a large clientele. In conjunction with the Astrological Society of Princeton, which she helped to found along with well-trained astrologers. Joan was also the author of five books.

"This rather dry recital of facts, however, does not fully convey who Joan truly was, either to those of us who knew her as a friend, or to astrology. She was a not only a teacher of astrology to a large number of devoted students, but she was also a teacher of what life is about to her many students and friends.

"With her husband Ken Negus, Joan was the core of an astrological energy center at their home in Princeton that was quite unlike anything else in the astrological community that I have experienced. There were classes, lectures, workshops and, perhaps even more important, gatherings of astrological minds and spirits sharing ideas and friendship.

"In addition to the rich environment that she created in which all of this could happen, Joan was someone with whom one could share the deepest and most intimate aspects of one's life; someone to whom anyone could turn for counsel, not just astrologically but personally. She always had time for anyone who had need.

"Joan Negus has contributed to us all in so many ways: teacher, author, lecturer, mentor, friend; and to her family, wife, mother, and grandmother. She was an important part of the social glue that holds our community together. She will be missed. Joan is survived by her husband Kenneth Negus, sons Chris and Jon, her daughter Niki, and six grandchildren."

Rob Hand, NCGR Journal, Fall, 1977

BIRTH DATA: Rob Hand's tribute in The NCGR Journal special issue for Fall, 1997, gives the following information from Joan's husband, Ken. Joan Negus was born on July 30, 1930, at 6:04 AM EDT at Trenton, NJ.

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Joan won several awards for her years of devoted service to our field. She was honored with the prestigious Regulus Award for Education at the 1995 United Astrology Congress. Joan and Ken together won the Matrix Pioneer Award for their leadership in setting high professional standards in the field of astrology.

Kepler College is establishing a fund in Joan's honor. If you wish to contribute, click on the image below, but specify that the donation is in her name.


See our source list. NCGR would have many of Joan's tapes, especially from the various educational conferences she coordinated. Joan was as clear and informative a teacher in print as in her classes and lectures. Several of her books, all published by ACS, are still available in stores and on-line. They are:

The Book of Uranus

Astro-Alchemy: Making the Most of Your Transits

Interpreting Composite and Relationship Charts

Basic Astrology: A Workbook for Students



My grandmother's name was Joan Negus, who everyone in her family lovingly referred to as "Mutt" (rhymes with foot...it's a German thing..Mutty means "mother"...it got shortened). She was the great matriarch of our family. Every Christmas, the entire family would go to my grandparents' house in Princeton- aunts, uncles, cousins. There were fourteen of us in all. My most vivid memory of Mutt was of her in the kitchen in front of her gas stovetop- cooking each one of us eggs-to-order. Breakfast was a grand affair- taking 3 hours before all of us were done. But she would happily make sure each one of us was taken care of and got exactly what we wanted. (Her mother owned a Russian Tea House and also loved to cook. I come from a very long line of some amazing nurturing women.) Mutt was also a very talented pattern maker, seamstress, published author, teacher, jam maker, and knitter. Sadly, she passed away from cancer when I was in ninth grade. She never got to meet my husband, see me in my wedding dress, or meet her great-grandchildren. I miss her so much. But all of her best qualities and talents and passion for life are alive and well in my mother, Niki Giberson, who has since passed them onto my sisters and me.

One of the most precious gifts that was given to me at my daughter, Molly's baby shower was from my sister, Amy. The last time she came up from South Carolina, she was cleaning out my mom's craft cabinets. She came across bags and bins and boxes of yarn. Among them was a plastic bag with a half-finished baby sweater in it. Amy, with her vast knitting knowledge, finished the sweater and gave it to Molly. The amazing thing about it was there were directions in the bag with a label on it that said "Megan." The sweater was started 27 years ago by Mutt and was intended for me. So that beautiful minty green sweater was actually given to me by three amazing generations of women in my life- Mutt who started it and taught my mother to knit, my mother who taught her daughters to knit, and my sister Amy who finished it.

I can't wait until Molly is big enough for the sweater to fit her.  I'm going to tell her that every time she wears it, it's like a hug wrapping her up from all of the most important women in her life that love her so much.  

-Megan (Giberson) Benson


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