The following is an excerpt from Lois Rodden's obituary for this celebrated astrologer to hollywood stars and other notables, published in DataNews #99:

The old master of his field is gone. Sydney Omarr was one of the two outstanding astrological columnists in the Twentieth Century, along with Carroll Righter. A nationally syndicated astrologer and newspaper columnist, Omarr was the author of My World of Astrology and twelve annual Sun-sign paperbackbooks with indications for the year.

Freqeuntly seen on TV, he was a poised, erudite and articulate guest on interview shows, also well-versed in numerology..Sydney was performing sleight-of-hand tricks in magic shows at age 15. His interest in astrology began at that time, and he sold his first self-published booklet for $2. After the service, he attended journalism courses at Mexico City College and went on to become a reporter for the United Press.

Each year, he produced 13 books, one for each sign of the zodiac, and his books sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, making him a wealthy man. Rarely granting interviews, he appeared confident yet modest, part mystic and part everyday-Joe. His disease of multiple sclerosis, diangosed in 1971, robbed him of his sight in the early 1990's. When he died at age 76, Omarr showed remarkable spirit and zest for his work with syndicated publications. Paralyzed from the neck down by MS, the world's most widely read astrologer was now blind, still working with the assistance of his aides. His column still appeared in more than 200 newspapers.

The old master died on January 2, 2003, in Santa Monica, CA, after a heart attack, his ex-wife and friends at his side. His obituary was published in major newspapers across the country.



I did a few months of private duty with Sydney. He told me that the Water Signs were apt to be the most Psychic and I have had experiences since I was seven years old. This time was great for me and I read his Thought Dial plus played Ouija with him and his Ex wife Jeraldine Saunders who announced during the play that her book was going to be a Pilot on Television. We all know of the Love Boat's great success. Sydney liked to swim for exercise and he had an extensive library that included a book by Carl Jung the Psychologist who was also like Sydney a Leo. I do think that his showmanship on the Merv Griffen Show included the theories of Carl Jung where the conscious mind was by-passed and the unconscious communicated via the collective unconsciousness to send a message that would be understood by the operator Sydney. It was related too with the Thought Dial in my opinion. I earned a Black Belt in Karate in Los Angeles and learned formal Zazen (meditation) of Zen and Sydney's wisdom was a guide to my study and practice. For that I am grateful to this Master.

~Sidney Clouston


BIRTH DATA: Lois Rodden cites the birth information he personally gave her in 1974, rated A. He was born August 5, 1926, at 11:27 AM EDT, Philadelphia, PA, 75W10; 390N57.


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