Carroll Righter


Ed Helin in Aspects, Summer, 1988:

"A graduate in law at the University of Pennsylvania, Carroll Righter was an attorney who originally set out to disprove astrology and ultimately became one of its most influential promotors. Righter was a student of Evangeline Adams, who guided him to relocate to the southwestern US so that he could enjoy better health and reduce the lung and respiratory problems that plagued him in the northeast.

"Righter had the first syndicated astrology column, and, with Sydney Omarr, who also wrote for the newspapers, their astrological columns were featured in over 500 daily newspapers nationwide. Righter and Omarr perhaps did the most this century to popularize astrology and pave the way for subsequent astrology columnists.

Righter settled in Hollywood and his clientele was like the Who's Who in film and political circles. Carroll Righter was Ronald Reagan's astrologer for 45 years. He was the initial astrologer to hire a press agent: his first was Robert Mitchum, who later carved his own niche on the silver screen.

"For 26 years, Righter ran a non-profit educational foundation and astrological school (the Carroll Righter Astrological Foundation), taught weekly classes in his home, and became known for exclusive monthly Sun sign parties featuring live animals or representatives of the sign being celebrated.

With Sydney Omarr, Manly Palmer Hall and Ivy Jacobson, Righter was honored by the AFA with a special award for astrological pioneering. The California State Legislature issued a proclamation signed by the governor and stating that Righter was the most influential astrologer of the 20th Century."

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BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank shows the following information, rated A, given by him to Angela Gallo. He was born on February 2, 1900, at 9:00 AM in Salem, NJ, 75W28; 39N34. He died of cancer on April 30, 1988 at 11:15 PM, in Santa Monica, CA, at the age of 88.

He was nicknamed The Gregarious Aquarius by the media, and it couldn't describe his chart better. He had a conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Aquarius in the eleventh house. (His Moon, Venus, and Ascendant were conjunct in Pisces.)

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Righter wrote mostly for laypeople. His books included Understanding Astrology and Astrology and Diet. Only one of them, Astrology and You is still in print and available at, none at AstroAmerica. A series of records featuring music Righter chose for each of the twelve signs is avilable at World Wide Wax.

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