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Marc Robertson was a professional astrologer from the Seattle area. The information he gave out to Seattle astrologer Marwayne Leipzig was that he was born on February 8, 1937, at 5:48 AM PST, in Mt. Vernon, WA. (Rodden has the same from a news report at his death, rated A.) He taught classes for many years, spoke at conferences, and wrote articles and books. He died of a heart attack at age 47 on September 26, 1984.


Marc's astrology books, all published by the American Federation of Astrologers, include:

Engine of Destiny: Planets and Personality, 1974

Eighth House, Sex and Death and Money, 1976

Not a Sign in the Sky but a Living Person, 1975

Time Out of Mind: The Past in Your Astrological Birthchart and Reincarnation, 1972

Transit of Saturn, 1973

Using the Birthchart to Determine Sex, Mind, and Habit

Happily, most of these books are still available from AstroAmerica and some are also available on loan from The Seattle Metaphysical Library. (See our source page.)


A Tribute to Marc from Marwayne Leipzig on 3/13/2000:

I knew Marc Robertson professionally and personally for a number of years preceding his demise in 1984. We were both teaching classes for the beloved Pen and Quill bookstore, forum, meeting place, and classroom, owned and operated by June Marson. At that time, in addition to teaching, Marc was writing papers and essays in astrology, as well as lecturing for the Washington State Astrological Association and conferences in different cities around the country.

It is my hope that these may be put together in book form and made available to students of astrology, for Marc's perspective was like a breath of fresh air on an aged subject. I regretted then that I could not make time for more study as his student.

Marc was quiet, almost shy, a gentle person, pleasant and affable with all people. His death from hardening of the arteries and a heart attack was a great shock to all, for we realized what we had lost. He was sociable but quiet, with a delightful sense of humor. How I wish I could hear his chuckle again. He was a dear man and a fine astrologer whose contributions count vastly.

Bill Meridian remembers,

"Marc stayed at my place in NYC once. I got to know him well in a short time. He was withdrawn, and I retreated and gave him his own space. In doing so, Marc opened up. I learned more about Saturn from him than from anyone else. It seemed that he had the ability to aid others through his knowledge, but had difficulty with his own demons."

Ellen W. Witt writes for this memorial

"I had been studying astrology, mostly on my own, since Jan. '72 in Va. In the early 1980's migrated to Federal Way, Wa. and read articles by Marc in the local newspaper. I became enamored of his talent and strove to find anything and everything that he wrote. My proudest collection is "Time Treks", five tapes including his "lunation cycle". This is the finest explanation of the phases of the moon I have come across. He brings each of the eight phases up front and personal.

I first heard Marc lecture at a convention in Chicago,,,,,(sometime in the 70's),,, I will never forget it, or him.  The name of his lecture was "Pluto the ruler on Aries"  Who is this guy it thought? Everyone knows that Pluto's rulership  belongs to Aries! I went to the lecture to hear what he had to say,,,,,,,,,,,, the lecture was so convincing that "It blew me away" ... the next day he repeated the say lecture and I was there,, again.  I now use Pluto as the ruler of Aries in my own artrological work ....................................

I came accross some information that besides his known published works, that he also worte -articles/book/tape??? -called "Quick method of fortelling your future" - "Rectification of the birth time" - "Reincarnation unneccessary" and - "Retrograde planets"   

 He was an unique person and astrologer .... he is missed ..... I am so glad I got to meet and hear him,,,,,,,,,,,,, Frank

Marc Robertson was the first live Astrologer in my life. I attended his workshops and lectures at the Mystic Arts bookstore in British Columbia, Canada and in Seattle. I was astonished with this mans work and ability to interpolate and interpret planetary energy. I loved him, he was great. He was shy and introverted and a mix of saturnian and Uranian energies for sure. One day at a workshop on compatibility, Marc stepped out for a smoke break and someone set up the next set of charts for Marc's talk. He walked in and looked at the charts for no more than 20 seconds and proceeded to give a wonderful rendition of the condition and placements of the planets in those two charts. At about 15 minutes into it, I realized that he had not looked back at the charts at all. I then reassured myself that he must have looked when I was distracted or something. Right about then a girl in front of me whispered to her buddy,"He has not looked back at those charts". At another lecture in Victoria that I had sponsored for Marc he practically floored me and some other people in the room when a woman that I knew stood up and asked Marc a question. He stared at her for a while and began to talk about seeing a windmill and other Dutch artifacts along with some Chinese impressions as well. How odd a commentary. He didn't know her at all. But she has a Dutch background and has had a long time fascination with Asian culture. Marc was a very special human being and I wish that I could have had more time with him. Brilliant, funny, shy, odd and could shake people up easily. I miss him dearly.

Mac McLaughlin

Vancouver, BC

June 17, 2007



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