Dane Rudhyar

Considered by many to be the greatest astrologer of our time, Dane Rudhyar gave his birth information as March 23, 1895, rectified to 12:42 AM in Paris, France. AstroDatabank rates this information A, from Leyla Rael Rudhyar. He died at the age of 90 on September 12, 1985.

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It is no small measure of Rudhyar's importance to the astrological community that so many years after his death, there are still extensive memorials to him on the internet. Rather than attempt to do all over again what has been done so lovingly by others, we will simply link you to those sites:


Matrix of Australia
has a Collection of Tributes

 Dane Rudhyar Audio Archives

For a fascinating article by Gavin McClung on the relationship, personal and professional, between Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones, and on the connections between their work, go to khaldea.com.

BOOK AND TAPE SOURCES: Five or six of Rudhyar's books are available in the major chain stores, but the Astrology Center of America carries eleven of his books. A selection of his tapes is available at Pegasus Tapes.

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