Joanna Shannon

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Joanna Shannon was a much-loved professional astrologer and teacher of astrology in New York City for decades, though her Southern roots shone through in her drawl, her hospitality, and her delicious humor. Over the years, she was a mainstay of the New York chapter of NCGR, serving many terms as president and board member.

On the national level, along with Joan Negus, Joanna was instrumental in forming NCGR's Education Program. She served tirelessly to help establish educational standards and develop testing for our field. For these reasons she was given the NCGR Sisyphus Award for Volunteer Efforts. Her long-time mate was fellow NY-NCGR officer, Julian Armistead. She is, and will be, much missed by those of us who knew her.

DATA: According to the brief biography in AstroDataBank, Joanna gave her birth information as June 8, 1925, at 5:59 AM CST, 96W08; 35N20. (Rated A) She died of cancer on June 24, 1998, at 7:40 PM, North Bronx, NY.

NOTE: There was a discrepency on the spelling of Joanna's birthplace, but a search on the web produced Weleetka, OK, at the exact coordinates give above, as well as this photo of downtown Weleetka. Though very much the cosmopolitan New Yorker, Joanna went home for frequent visits throughout her life and maintained her ties there, so I think she'd get a kick out of seeing this picture here...... Donna Cunningham

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