March 18th, 1940- November 18, 2011

Kaye Shinker, NCGR-PAA IV, ISAR CAP, was widely known and loved in the astrological community for so many contributions. She was an accomplished teacher and practitioner of Financial Astrology, part owner of the Astrological Investing website, and the author of two textbooks on the subject: Textbook of Financial Astrology I and II. With her Pisces Sun, Virgo Rising combination, Kaye also devoted a great deal of service time to the NCGR as a chapter officer for the Chicago NCGR from 1990-97, and stood as a longtime member of the NCGR-PAA Board of Examiners. As an Examiner, Kaye proctored and graded many certification exams and helped to spearhead a complete revision of the NCGR-PAA curriculum. For these accomplishments, and many other less public acts of generous volunteerism, Kaye was given the NCGR Sisyphus Award at the 1998 UAC.

"Millionaires don't use astrologers. Billionaires do." - J. P. Morgan

Kaye was elected to the NCGR Board of Directors in 2009, where she served as its Director of Education. This was the ideal position for her, as she never tired of sharing her astrological knowledge, always expressed in humorous and unpretentious language, with clients and students worldwide. As a matter of fact, along with Ena Stanley, Kaye was an original founder of Online College of Astrology which was one of the first astrology schools on the internet.

Kaye's interests by no means stopped in the field of astrology. As parents of three (Kathy, Bill, and Chris), Kaye and her husband Steve owned and operated a printing brokerage business for over two decades from their home in Wilmette, Illinois. During this time, Kaye graduated from Roosevelt University, briefly attended law school, and went on a series of amateur archeological expeditions in places as far flung as Majorca and Easter Island, fantastically realizing the potential of her 9th house Taurus stellium and 29 degree Saturn in Aries.

Immediately after their 2nd Saturn return around 1998, Kaye and Steve sold the business and suburban home, bought an RV, and began a lengthy period of cross-country travel pursuing a new business involving the breeding, maintenance, and racing of thoroughbred horses, an activity she continued with her son Christopher after the passing of Steve. As a matter of fact, I will sometimes share Kaye's 2nd Saturn return journey with others approaching this milestone to give them an idea of how liberating and creative this time can be. She certainly lived her life to the fullest, and whether visiting the world's sacred sites, attending astrology conferences and conclaves, or taking her grandkids to England on a Harry Potter tour, Kaye was the embodiment of modern day "Renaissance Woman". Personally, she was my mentor, "astrological mother", and good "buddy", and I, along with many others in our astro-world, will surely remember her fondly for the lives she touched with her special brand of homespun, eminently practical wisdom.

~Joe Polise


On November 18th, NCGR lost our very good friend and dedicated astrologer, Kaye Shinker.

She served on our Board as Education Director in recent years, and, a very generous soul, she was always eager to participate on other committees and volunteer her time and talent to the organization.

Personally and unfortunately, I got to know Kaye only in my few months on the National Board, but I will most fondly remember and value her wonderful humor, the funny twist she put on things, and her strong sense of individuality expressed in a warm and jovial way.

Kaye was certified by NCGR-PAA in 1996 and she took great and rightful pride in her book, "Textbook for Financial Astrology," which is still available on her website,, where you can also read some of her very worthwhile articles.

Here she is in her words:

"Kaye spends summers at her cabin in Homer, Alaska, and winters in her RV parked along the Mississippi in New Orleans. She tells tales about throwing beads from a Mardi Gras float and catching a monster Halibut in Cook Inlet.

Kaye loves to travel and doesn't mind traveling on her own. Flip through her passport and she will tell stories of archaeological sites on Majorca, Easter Island, the Isle of Mull, Ireland, even Wisconsin, where she has volunteered for months digging square holes. She's worked on projects in 20 countries and she's as familiar with the US interstates as most folks are with the route to the mall.

Kaye's Bachelors degree is from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She says her real education from 18.5 years of owning a printing business with her husband in Chicago. They retired at age 55. Three weeks later, they started a new business racing thoroughbred horses.

Kaye has taken the summers off to join various cruises and chase her horses.

The advantage of being an Astrologer is that you have a fair idea of whether the bulls or the bears are running the market place. She loves to talk about everyone's favorite subject money, the marketplace, where to look for bargains, and what to avoid."

And we'll enjoy talking about Kaye for a long, long time to come. She is remembered in her interview in the current "Memberletter," in her article in the upcoming Research Journal, and on her planned astro-walking tour at UAC.

John Marchesella



Source: Joe Polise

BIRTH: March 18th, 1940

DEATH: November 18, 2011


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