David Solte was an internationally recognized Biblical scholar, astrologer, mundane astro-historian, and an expert in harmonic astrology. He was also a frequent contributor to The Mountain Astrologer, which proposed this memorial.

His friend, Bruce Laurelin contributed the following biography:

Born in Sioux Falls and raised in Huron, South Dakota, David's musical interests led him to a B.A. in Music Education in 1971 and to Master's studies at North Texas. He taught school for a year in Texas and then lived in St. Petersburg, Florida with Texan, Deborah Johnston. The experience of a large Astrological Convention nearby set him on the research road. In 1974, while he and Deborah were living in Santa Cruz, California, they began studying eurythmy and Astrosophy, the reconciliation of Astrology and Astronomy. On March 22, 1977, David and Deborah were married in Reno and headed to Nuremberg, Germany to complete their Eurythmy studies. (They were divorced about 1987.)

In 1980 David did significant historical research at the British Museum, which later proved useful in theology regarding the Star of Bethlehem and the 2 BC birth. In 1982 he returned to the U.S. The Center for Total Health in Solana Beach became his home as the resident Astrologer and diagnostician researching 'cancer transits. He brought out his first book, Scorpionic America, at a West Coast Astrology Convention and published articles in the Mountain Astrologer from then on.

After becoming a Tachyon practitioner working with its inventor David Wagner, Solte' moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1996 to launch a wholistic wellness center. In 1998 and 1999 David Solte' was invited to speak at two different theological congresses. The late Jack Finnegan strongly supported his Bethlehem Star and Death of Herod Eclipse research. Archeologist Ernst Martin quoted David and included his research in one of his books. Leaving Colorado, more music came back into David's life while sharing a house with a musician in Huntington Beach, Orange County, until early 2002.

David was a very special kind of friend--so able to pick you up if you were down and speak encouraging words by way of star-insights or reporting on the latest happen-ings and ideas of new kids of 'make a better world' companies. He was a penetrating researcher along broad historical lines as well as on pre-market health products. At 52 he was working on three further books, which his friends hope to publish. To a countless number of people spanning generations in a wide spectrum of fields, David Solte' was most of all a friendly voice on the phone, listening, then speaking the good word that could help you, something you could use to think and act differently. So soon, if not yet, David will be playing a trumpet again, a heavenly trumpet!


Bruce Laurelin notes: He was born October 3rd, 1949, in Sioux Falls,South Dakota, with a Scorpio rising chart that put Mars and Pluto in the tenth house. David left this plane of existence Saturday May 11th, 2002 at 10:12 a.m. in an Oceanside, CA Hospital. Four doctors could not stop an internal hemmoraging.



 I was just looking on the internet to see what Solte was up too. I was shocked to see he had passed away.   David co hosted Open thought forum with me in I think 1986 or 1987. I will certainly miss him and he was a great astrologer to be sure


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