Ed Steinbrecher

©2002 by Stephen Connors

On January 26, 2002 at 12:40 p.m. in Los Angeles, California, Ed Steinbrecher passed over into the light. His laughter, intense spirit, and love will be missed by the literally thousands of people he worked with and touched.

He was my uncle and mentor, and I will carry on his work in astrology, data research and Inner Guide Meditation, which he pioneered. David Benge, his life long friend and co-founder of D.O.M.E., The Inner Guide Meditation Center, will be working together with me to take care of Ed's legacy.

Ed was raised in a family of astrologers, which included his mother, as well as several other aunts and uncles. He attended astrology classes starting at the age of five with his aunt and godmother, Josephine Siska, who mentored him in astrological language. He astounded even William Davisson, his teacher of astrology and author, with his accuracy of interpreting the symbolism of the horoscope at that early age. He continued to learn the intricacies of astrology throughout his childhood and beyond.

One thing that always puzzled Ed was, "If I can look at a chart and accurately describe the life and experiences of an individual, then surely the reality we perceive is coming from within us and not happening to us." These dilemmas led him to explore the inner dimensions of the unconscious, using the tools of Jungian analysis, tarot symbolism, the I Ching from Taoism, kabala and many other internally directed methods of discovery. He was looking for a way to transcend the horoscope, a method of transformation rather than going along with the internal blueprint of the chart.

The Inner Guide Meditation

Ed explained in his book, The Inner Guide Meditation, about his journey and use of active imagination, along with the pitfalls he encountered. He was a man who couldn't accept simple solutions to the complex questions of why we are here. He continued to seek a method that would allow anyone to discover for himself or herself the personal answer to this question. He felt that the unconscious is a like a foreign land and there must be someone who could help navigate the inner world.

He discovered that each of us has a personal Inner Guide who is here to help us learn who we are and realize our greatest potential. He continued to pioneer and develop the techniques taught at D.O.M.E. along with Stephen and David. To his astonishment Ed discovered that the description of their Inner Guide was accurately depicted using the 9th house as the ascendant for this inner figure.

During the initial experiments and development of the Inner Guide Meditation, Ed had a dream, which had a profound affect upon him and his life choices. In this dream the stars came together spelling out the word "D.O.M.E." across the night sky. He later found this to be an acronym for the Latin phrase dei omnes munda edunt, which translates: all the Gods/Goddesses bring forth the worlds. D.O.M.E. was founded April 5, 1973, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During his life Ed collected an astounding amount of books and material on astrology, meditation, archetypes, religion, spirituality, history, humanity, psychology, art, music, film, etc., hoping one day to make these available to students and seekers of truth in the form of a library which will be a part of D.O.M.E. One of his last requests was that in lieu of flowers, people might consider a donation to D.O.M.E., The Inner Guide Meditation Center, to help achieve his dream.

Thanks to all the astrological community for your support.
Stephen Connors

BIRTH INFORMATION: As befits someone who spent so many years meticulously documenting birth information on others, his own data is listed in AstroDataBank as AA, from the Birth Record. He was born as Edwin Charles Steinbrecher on April 4, 1930, at 10:55 PM CST, in Chicago, IL; 87W39; 41N52. Working with his own chart for many years, he rectified it to 10:54:30 PM.


Ed Steinbrecher's publications:
In addition to The Inner Guide Meditation, Ed's rich lifetime contributions to the field include The complete Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection on CD-ROM or disk and LIFE*SCAN, a personal astrological computer analysis written by Ed Steinbrecher and John Woodsmall with additional text by Stephen Connors. The computer program for LIFE*SCAN was created by John Woodsmall. All of his materials are available online at D.O.M.E.

Lois Rodden wrote of Ed and his collection for AstroDataBank, "He was noted as the precise data collector of The Steinbrecher Collection, entered on John Woodsmall's Pathfinder Program, and one of the finest data collectors of the 20th century."



I met Ed in 1978 and visited him several times after that. I worked with the tools from "The Inner Guide Meditation" book for many years.  

In 1983 I was called to Greece to follow my soul journey. This adventure lasted until 2005 when I returned to the States. My book was with me all the time. It's signed by Ed, by the way.


This morning something made me pull out my work, all my journals and I felt the urge to re-connect once again with Ed's work.  Starting tomorrow I hope to re-connect with my inner

guide and, once again, work with the important inner archetypes as formulated by Ed.


In soul, spirit and love.

-Frances Gilley




I knew Ed passed in 2002. Very sad. Our public library carries all of Edís astrological lectures on cassette tape.

I used to fall asleep listening and learning, for about 3 years, borrowing them over and over again. I have his book, The Inner Guide Meditation and I love it. It is one of only a few books I own which I will never loan out to anyone.

I knew Buz Myers (also passed on) who was another amazing astrologer. Ed, however, took astrological symbolism and interpretation to new [if not downright controversial] levels. He was brilliant.



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