Wound Healing

Bromelain is a protease which helps reduce inflammation.

Aloe Vera is a topical agent that aids in reducing inflammation and speeds healing. Taken in its oral form, it works as a tonic for the GI tract.

Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola, aids blood flow which in turn helps in the healing of the connective tissue, particularly of the perivascular sheath.

Echinacea helps the body in the maturation of T cells and also antibody bonding to the red blood cell.

Procyanidolic Oligomers (grapeseed extract) are sort of a miracle, cure all substance which some have related back to the healing property of wine, grapeseed extract works by building the ground substance which has a cumulative effect upon health.

Tea Tree Oil is an anticeptic found in soaps, in lotions, in toothpaste, and many other personal care products.

Zinc is linked to the retina, to the body's T cells (immune system), and has been suggested as a cure to the common cold.

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